Biden COVID Scandal…

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is trying to get another $22 billion from Congress for COVID.

This after he tapped taxpayers for $1.9 trillion right after taking office.

Well, some people have been doing some digging.

What they found was a lot of wasteful spending and stacks of cash sitting on the sidelines that have yet to be used.

No More Money

First, let’s talk about some of the money that is still not in play.

For instance, about $12 billion of the $100 billion given to schools has been spent.

That is $88 billion on the sidelines that could be tapped.

Local governments still have about $280 billion sitting on the sidelines.

Now let’s talk about waste.

Did you know that PA got money for its SWAT team to replace its rescue vehicle?

Now, I am all for helping the men and women in blue, but what does that have to do with COVID?

How about a racial equality program in Minneapolis getting $300,000?

Oh, this is a good one… New York spent $4.9 million on an ad campaign with COVID funds.

One more for the road… Minneapolis used $3 million to fund a green energy program.

You get the point, right?

No, Joe, use the money you have already because you are not getting any more.


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