The Opportunity to Stand Up For the Truth in America


Right here and right now, America has what might turn out to be our last chance to peacefully stand up for the truth. Patriotic and faith inspired Singer-Songwriter Steve Spurgeon made the pilgrimage from his home near Omaha to stop in and hang out with Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman on Saturday. Grey Wolf and his entourage are trekking across our great nation on the way to Washington D.C. in support of freedom. Steve has been a big friend of the trucker convoy efforts from Canada to Hagerstown and graciously donated his music to be used in the Grey Wolf Walk campaign. The pair were joined for a lively and informative chat by Ashley Mason with Nebraska Against Government Overreach. She had some great advice on ways of spreading the word.

Stand up for the truth

On Saturday, October 8, Steve Spurgeon joined up with Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman to stand up for patriotic truth at a public meet and greet. The low-key event was sponsored by the 402 Sports Bar in Beatrice, Nebraska and the whole team wants to thank their gracious hosts for such a great time and even better food. To kick off the festivities, Steve pulled out one of his most popular numbers, “Let’s save America.

He introduced it with the explanation that as he wrote it, he envisioned all of America on one big ship. We’re all in this together and if it goes down we all go down with it. That’s a really good point. “Saving America isn’t a Republican issue or a Democrat issue. Everyone needs to pick a side in right over wrong. Evil is here and we need to stand up.” The real questions everyone should be asking themselves are: “Is it right or wrong to be a hypocrite? is it right not to care about other people? Or is it wrong not to care about other people? Is it right to point the finger and scapegoat the other person for the problems or is that wrong?


Each and every one of us are here and now in America today. Steve believes what it’s going to take to fix our biggest problems is for “people who are in situations where they feel like ‘I’m okay‘ is to come out of their comfort zones and start looking for the problems and make a difference yourself.” Scapegoating the other guy, he observes, “never solves anything.

No, “its our voices that count the most. Taking the littlest thing and making the most from it.” Instead of screaming at the screen, we need to see more and more people tracking along with Grey Wolf. The truth will stand on its own. “There should be a whole lot more people active in this effort and visibly showing support. You can’t blame it on conspiracy,” Steve laughs. “A conspiracy is only a conspiracy until it turns out to be true.

The hypocrisy is so profound right now that people who want to do right… not necessarily always doing right… but for those people who want to do right and want to see the truth, it is there for you to see.” They want to but they are afraid to. “People are afraid of being canceled for speaking up. They can lose their job or their friends and that’s why it is so important for those of us who can stand up to do it.” He was on the ground with the big freedom movement in Canada last year.

Canada Freedom Convoy reminded us of who we are as Americans. They risked their lives and reputations and showed us a preview of what will be happening here.” Things like intimidation and seizing bank accounts. “All of it was meant to prevent them from speaking up.” While that’s true in Canada, here in America, Steve insists, “the intimidation is all in your own mind.

Americans don’t want to know.

The truth separates people because people don’t want to know the truth,” Steve insists. “We still have an opportunity right here in this country to speak out without too much persecution other than the personal persecution. If you can’t handle personal persecution, how are you going to handle government persecution?” All this talk of civil war is nonsense. If you can’t organize a peaceful walk through your own neighborhood, how are you going to fight a shooting war? The time to organize is now, while peaceful solutions are still available.

We simply must remind the government who wants to control our every single thought that they work for us and we’re not going to allow it.

Steve is soon going to be paying a visit to colorful and outspoken American patriot Mona Miller, for her promised “Hootenanny” on the first of November in Branson, Missouri. Or, as her friends like to call it “Bugtussle.” Mona is one woman who isn’t afraid to speak the truth! She’ll be starting her “Convoy of Honor” on the 4th of November running through the 12th. Steve will be performing there on the 6th and the 8th but he’ll be hanging around before and after. Ms. Mona understands that “saying nothing is allowing the tyranny even though you’re 100 percent against it.

Meanwhile, our military troops “are still fighting getting kicked out of the military for not getting the vaccine.” Us “boomers” may be the ones fighting to save America but we’re aging fast and when we’re gone “our children and grandchildren are going to be here dealing with the consequences of our action or our inaction.” Before heading off to visit Mona, Steve performed his songs: “Today is for freedom,” “Thank You for You,” “One of a Kind,” “It’s Just Me,” and the Grey Wolf theme song “Wake up in the USA.

As Steve pointed out later, “if you think you’ll spectate, it’s too late.” That’s because the network media isn’t covering any of the truth. The only way to spread the word is through social media and word of mouth. “Freedom is taken for granted. We see scenes like the ones coming out of Hong Kong and we can’t get Americans to stand up.” Ashley Mason knows how to stand up. She stood up and went the next step, dropping by to provide encouraging support for the Grey Wolf Walk. She also came down from the Omaha area representing Nebraska Against Government Overreach. Her and a friend founded the group, originally to “help preserve our medical freedom” and they did it long before COVID-19 came along.


When it did, they “shifted focus a little bit and started to focus on your general rights as an American and what was being infringed upon.” They coordinated across the state of Nebraska with other people who had the same concerns trying to figure out how they could be active. What they found most effective was “attending local city council meetings and school board meetings, county meetings, trying to make sure that our elected officials knew that these mandates were unconstitutional and they needed to end.” If you’re tired of our so called representatives nibbling away at our liberties you need to stand up before it’s too late. “We are a free nation and we have let that freedom just fizzle and fade. We just blindly continue to think that we have it when we truly don’t.” Ron agrees that the average American “seems to be waiting for that knight in shining armor on the white horse to come barreling in and say I’m here to save the day!” The truth is that “We’re responsible for that ourselves.” Planting little seeds everywhere is great but they take some time to grow. Right now, that’s time that America doesn’t have.


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