Archaic and Barbaric: Cult Goes Viral…Can You See Why?


There are some things that even members of an archaic cult won’t put up with. Seven brainwashed barbarians who have totally lost touch with reality are safely behind bars after the strange tale Miguel Lamboy told Colorado’s Salida Police Department. This is one of those ones that people just can’t stop sharing because of how absurdly outrageous and almost commonplace it is at the same time. The whole incident is weirdly surrealistic.

Love Has Won cult

The vaguely pagan cult called “Love Has Won” took the Gaian philosophy to wacko extremes. It’s one thing to “honor the earth, reduce or soften the human impact on the earth, and to be respectful of all life on earth” but some things are no-no’s.

Swindling vulnerable people out of their life savings isn’t very “respectful” of life on planet earth. Affidavits make clear that the sheriff’s office has received “many complaints” alleging “Love Has Won” is “brainwashing people and stealing their money” but it gets a lot worse.

On Wednesday, the 28th of April, things were going smoothly at the Salida Police Department until 42-year-old cult follower Miguel Lamboy walked in and wanted to talk to an officer. He wanted them to have a little talk with the group of fellow followers he allowed to crash at his place.

He especially had a problem with their leader, Lia. The arrest warrants confirm Lamboy “opened his home to members when they needed a place to stay on April 27.”

Lamboy told police that he left the house and when he got back, Lia Carlson was there. He tried to take his son and go but they wouldn’t let the boy leave.

Dragging the mummy of your dead cult leader around with you as you roam the country, seeking shelter with fellow believers, is a little over the top, Lamboy complained. His house was outside their jurisdiction so they called in the Saguache County Sheriff’s office.

Some type of shrine

When Deputies got there, they discovered Carlson in a back bedroom of a home in the small, rural town of Moffat. She was”lying on a bed, wrapped in what appeared to be a sleeping bag.”

The cult leader had some unusually glittery eye makeup but what caught the cops’ attention was the fact “the body was decorated with Christmas tree lights and “appeared to be set up in some type of shrine.”

Amy, AKA “Lia” AKA “Mother God” Carlson would have been 45 if she was alive when they discovered her. Nobody is real sure how long she’s been dead but it’s been a while.

Deputies relate that the “body appeared to be mummified with Carlson’s teeth exposed through the lips.” Seven of her cult followers are charged with abusing her corpse.

There was a 13-year-old girl traveling with the body snatchers, The daughter of arrested cult member 47-year-old Karin Raymond. The other six acolytes were Christopher Royer and Sarah Rudolph both age 35. Also 45-year-old Jason Castillo, 32-year-old John Robertson, and 52-year-old Obdulia Franco.

They’re sitting in Rio Grande County Jail on “abuse of a corpse and two counts of child abuse.” Both children were removed by social services but Lamboy’s son has already been reunited with his father.


Except my mom is a cult member

When Cole Carlson, the estranged son of Amy Carlson, heard the news, he had a few thoughts to share with the public. She left him, he relates, “15 years ago when he was 10 years old” to become Mother Nature.

“Everything in my life is very average except my mom is a cult leader, or was a cult leader, I should say.” The details were shocking even to him. “You kind of expect weird things to come out, and I had been expecting for her not to be around much longer.”

Minions called her Mother God but it’s an old idea. “She was the Earth incarnate; she is Mother God of all creation,” former member Andrew Profaci said. “She created the heaven and Earth with Father God and she is it. She is G-O-D. That’s what she believed.” He was only in the cult for the sex.

“It makes me angry and very sad she’s passed, but really creeps me out and tells me there’s something very wrong going on here and these people have clearly lost touch with reality.”

“Amy or Mother God had other ideas and told me I was going to be the vessel for this Father God consciousness to come into the planet,” Profaci laments, admitting that he “had an intimate relationship” with her.

Both Profaci and Carlson reportedly “shared concerns over the amount of money people paid into Love Has Won over the past few years as well as the fact that police found children on the premises.” Carlson isn’t happy to hear about what the cult was up to but wants to do the right thing. His “family is looking into potential legal avenues to find justice for families and former members who may have paid their life savings to the group.”


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