A Helping Hand From Their Local Militia Confuses Libs


The Echo Company militia has liberals totally confused. Mariposa, California residents were torn, on Sunday, between gratitude for a helping hand and anxiety. Evacuees of the Oak Fire waffled because the guys handing them steak and pancakes for breakfast were all clad in camo. Worse, they were openly recruiting new members. The food was really good though.

A flurry of militia activity

Liberals don’t seem to understand the concept of militia groups. They think their only purpose is intimidating Democrats by displaying assault weapons in public and supporting Donald Trump.

They are there to help defend and protect the public. One way they can do that is by supplying breakfast to displaced evacuees of a raging wildfire. On Sunday, July 24, anyone rolling into the H&L Lumber parking lot to escape the Oak fire was handed a plate of pancakes or a steak sandwich.

While grateful for the chow, evacuees were miffed by the “business cards with QR codes and directions to join their militia” that came with the free food. Some local liberals went as far as calling it a “de facto checkpoint.” Advertising during a crisis is crass, they say.

They had their whole setup with military-style trucks, and they were in their fatigues and whatnot,” Rain Winchester describes. She’s a manager at the nearby Monarch Inn where NBC crews are staying. “I’m fine with them helping out with relief efforts as long as they don’t start to set up roadblocks or do any security work. I don’t want them doing the work of the sheriff’s office.

The militia, residents note, “is becoming a consistent presence” across the rural area southeast of Sacramento. They aren’t doing anything unusual with the pancake breakfast either.

Providing immediate assistance in military-style garb during an emergency is a recruiting tactic used by militias nationwide, and not confined to Mariposa County.

Oath Keepers in Oregon

Terrified liberals are telling each other ghost stories about militia groups. There’s a big buzz going around the Oak Fire that back when all those antifa-associated arsonists tried to burn Oregon to the ground a couple years ago, “militias set up civilian roadblocks, which stopped at least one fleeing Black family and were ignored by local police.

Then, there’s that time the Oath Keepers created a “community protection team,” six of whom “were arrested for breaking a curfew during Hurricane Michael in 2018.” Exaggerated and insignificant events but they terrify progressives.

Just calm down and pass the syrup, Rachel Goldwasser says. She’s a liberal, too. She happens to be a research analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center. “Serving as de facto aid organizations is a common recruitment and community ingratiation tactic used in rural areas to win support and acceptance during emergencies.


The militia provided pancakes probably aren’t laced with anything, she advises, still, don’t trust them. “Although help is always needed in difficult times, it is incredibly important to remember that militias are providing it with an agenda.

After that, her psychedelics kicked in and she started hallucinating. “That agenda is to recruit members of the community, including victims into their organizations, legitimize them, and radicalize people into holding grievances against the government they may very well express through intimidation or violence.” Whoa! Militias are first and foremost defense only.

Everything is spelled out in the constitution. The only one who needs to fear a well armed and maintained militia is a corrupt government. That’s the whole reason why the founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms.


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