Trump Hating Christopher Wray Unveils What the FBI Has Been Doing


Alleged FBI Director Christopher Wray informed the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday that he’s focusing the bulk of the bureau’s resources on fishing for evidence of Anti-government subversion. If you ever mentioned Donald Trump on Facebook, your entire social media life is probably already under secret subpoena.

FBI doubles caseload

The caseload over at the FBI “has exploded,” Christopher Wray admits. “Since the spring of 2020 we’ve more than doubled our domestic terrorism caseload, from about 1,000 to around 2,700 investigations.”

The Federal Bureau of Instigation is focused like a laser on rooting out the deplorable Trump supporters responsible for such heinous acts as questioning the integrity of the 2020 “election.”

The FBI is doing their part for the economy too, by employing extra agents on the work. According to Director Wray, they “surged personnel to match, more than doubling the amount of people working that threat from the year before.” When he says “that threat” he means Donald J. Trump.

Anyone who ever wore a MAGA hat is automatically guilty of “insurrection.” The bureau’s alleged partnership with QAnon resulted in “more than 600 arrests” already, related to the “January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.” Wray hinted that “hundreds more arrests” are in the works.

Christopher Wray was quick to assure Democrat Senator Mitt Romney of Utah that the FBI is still trying to arrest anyone who called him a RINO traitor in a string of commercial airline travel incidents. The number of domestic threat arrests are climbing steadily, “going up quite significantly over the past few years. It’s been a really significant jump there.”

They have all sorts of sneaky tricks “to target terrorism inspired by a “foreign” ideology. It’s a lot harder getting convictions related to a “domestic” ideology. As Wray relates, in “practical terms, terrorism inspired by Islamic extremism falls into the ‘foreign’ terrorism category, while pretty much everything else is considered ‘domestic’ extremism. The ‘foreign’ or ‘domestic’ label doesn’t have to do with the location of an attack, but rather the underlying ideological inspiration.”

We need more money

By the time he got done with his testimony, it was clear that what Wray was really doing amounted to an infomercial for a big FBI budget increase.

Because so many bureau “special agents, intelligence analysts and professional staff” had been busting their assets “hard at work gathering evidence, sharing intelligence, and working with federal prosecutors to bring charges against the individuals involved” in the Capitol attack, they all need a raise.

“Overall, the FBI assesses that the January 6th siege of the Capitol Complex demonstrates a willingness by some to use violence against the government in furtherance of their political and social goals.”

That’s why the “Biden administration is seeking more than $100 million in new Justice Department spending” to address “emerging domestic terrorism threats.” The bureau is expecting a $45 million slice of that pie “to add more than 80 new special agents. They plan to create nearly 100 new jobs to help “detect and disrupt domestic terrorism threats nationwide.”

After all, it’s up to the FBI to “hold accountable those individuals who participated in the violent breach of the Capitol on January 6th and any others who attempt to use violence to intimidate, coerce, or influence the American people or affect the conduct of our government.”

Demanding ID to cast a vote, restricting how mail in ballots are handled, all sorts of despicable plots are being carried out by deplorables right now, Wray insists. The only way to stop them is round up each and every Trump supporter and get them off the street into a nice safe cell pronto.


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