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They Were Just Subpoenaed… Trump is Freaking Out


The heat is getting turned up on Donald Trump…way up.

Reports recently broke that subpoenas are being issued for Mar-a-Lago staffers.

The DOJ is apparently hoping it can get a staff member to roll over on Trump and provide some information that could lead to an indictment.


The move, at least to me, sounds a bit desperate.

By now, one would think that Special Counsel John Smith would have more than a Hail Mary, but that appears to be what he is throwing.

Smith also wants to get Evan Corcoran in the hot seat.

Corcoran is Trump’s defense attorney, but Smith wants to break the attorney-client privilege.

The thinking here is that the two of them discussed the actually committing of a crime or fraud, so the sacred privilege would not apply.

Unless he has very specific proof of such a conversation, I do not see it being likely that any judge would order Corcoran to break that confidentiality.

They are throwing sh** into the fan at this point and hoping something sticks to the wall.



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