The FBI Had Him On Payroll As a PAID RAT


ICYMI – The FBI had Igor Danchenko on the payroll as a paid rat. Danchenko wasn’t just Christopher Steele’s “primary” source to be used by the Just Us Department as a weapon against Donald Trump, he was Steele’s ONLY source. He worked for Steele before he worked for the Federal Bureau of Instigation and that is even more suspicious.

FBI confidential informant

FBI chief Christopher Wray won’t be smirking much longer. Every day, new information leaks out of the swamp murk with more evidence of corruption in the hallowed halls of the J. Edgar Hoover building.

The stench rising today swirls around Igor Danchenko. Special Counsel John Durham dropped a few breadcrumbs that hint at the direction his probe is moving.

In 2021, the Russian was charged in connection with the Obamagate investigation, “accused of lying to the FBI regarding his sources for some claims in the Steele dossier.” Those lies are important because they formed the basis of everything the Deep State threw at Trump.

National Review notes that the “charges focus on statements Danchenko made related to the sources he used in providing information to an investigative firm in the United Kingdom.” That was just a cutout because they passed it straight along to the instigation bureau.

The public just learned that the bureau “hired Danchenko as a confidential informant in March 2017 after having interviewed him about his work on the dossier months earlier.

That’s really surprising. because in 2009 they called him a spy. “Long before Danchenko’s involvement in the Steele dossier, he was the subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation.

Selling classified information

Back in the Obama years, Igor was an analyst at the Brookings Institute. One of his colleagues blew the whistle that “Danchenko asked if he would be willing to sell him classified information.

The FBI looked into it until 2011, then dropped the case when Danchenko left America. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “It is not clear whether Danchenko worked as an informant to provide information about the dossier or as part of the investigation into the Trump campaign.

Igor was the one who made up the story that Trump “accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals.” He spoon fed the fantasy to Christopher Steele, who pasted it into his dirty dossier.

The FBI used it to open Crossfire Hurricane and tap Carter Page. It took years before the world learned it was all total fiction. All the money and most of the information came straight from Hillary Clinton. Her hands are clean though, because the money and the orders came from her “campaign,” through its law firm Perkins Coie, not her.

Danchenko laughed in the interview where he told the FBI flat out that “even he was skeptical of some of the contents included in the dossier.

His exact words were “Even raw intelligence from credible sources, I take it with a grain of salt. Who knows, what if it’s not particularly accurate? Is it just a rumor or is there more to it?” The bureau didn’t care if the information was true or not. As long as it sounded nasty enough to destroy Donald Trump with. They’re still trying.


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