The Charges Have Been Dropped…


In the wake of public outrage, charges were dropped against an American ally. Abdul Wasi Safi was left behind in the botched pullout of Afghanistan. He’s not free from U.S. jail, yet. The charges were dropped, though, while his attorney continues fighting for expedited release. Safi’s case “garnered national attention” in conservative media. Stories which were closely followed by members of Congress.

American Ally closer to freedom

On Tuesday, January 24, Fox News confirmed the case against patriotic ally Abdul Wasi Safi “was dismissed after a judge agreed to drop the charges at the request of an assistant U.S. attorney.” The federal prosecutor knows he has a losing case. Trying to persecute Safi would be a death sentence for his career.

The Afghan soldier is seeking asylum. Unlike most of the huddled masses waiting to invade our southern boundary line, Safi truly deserves it. As of Thursday, he’s still in a cell.

According to various reports, “federal charges against an Afghan soldier who traveled to the United States seeking asylum after the 2021 fall of Kabul were dropped.” It was, as the judge noted, “in the interest of justice.

He was trained by “the U.S. military to be an elite special forces commando in Afghanistan.” That clearly makes him a friendly ally. The Pentagon doesn’t want anything to do with him.

After the Saigon-like pullout of Kabul, “he continued to fight the Taliban alongside the Northern resistance. Fearing retaliation, Wasi went into hiding.” The only thing that kept him going was the special immigrant visa he had been promised by the Americans, as they bugged out.

They told him he could get one and “legally move to the United States and reunite with his brother in Houston.” The trip our ally made to get here wasn’t easy.

Charged with illegal entry

Safi and his attorney, Jennifer Cervantes, couldn’t figure out why Border Patrol decided to make an example out of him. After fighting his way through the jungles of 10 different Latin American nations, and taking brutal beatings in many of them, “Wasi was arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents trying to cross the Rio Grande on September 30.

He expected to be arrested and immediately told them who he was. He also told them that his biometric data was on file with the DOD to confirm he’s a friendly ally, entitled to asylum. If he were to get deported back, it’s 100 percent certain that he would be tortured to death by the Taliban because they have his biometric data too, thanks to Blinky Blinken.

Now that the charges have been dropped, our ally will “be permitted to reapply for asylum.” Ms. Cervantes explained that “she is working to secure Wasi’s release, so he can proceed with his asylum case.” In a statement issued late Tuesday, she noted “I’m very happy to see the federal charges were dropped against Wasi and the government did the right thing.

We will now be working with ICE to request Wasi’s release. My hope is that ICE will appreciate Wasi’s service to this country, understands the extreme risks to his life if returned to Afghanistan and that they will parole Wasi into the U.S.” He won’t throw the sandwiches away.

Mr. Wasi was quick to learn that helping America as an ally doesn’t mean a whole lot when you show up on your friend’s doorstep begging for help. Several members of Congress were quick to step in and intervene on his behalf.

The case garnered national attention and was closely followed by members of Congress, including Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., who along Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, sent a letter to the Biden administration in December asking Wasi be granted parole citing the service the Afghan native provided to the U.S.


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