Sharpiegate Protest ERUPTS as Conservatives Fight Back


Deplorable supporters of President Donald Trump, “some of them armed with long guns,” showed up to support a Republican congressman who wanted to get a look inside the Election ballot counting room, just to make sure everything was on the up-and-up.

Conservatives are enraged by liberal media attempts to prematurely call the election for Biden before all the outlying conservative precincts are counted.

Stolen ballots were found buried in a field, when patriots heard the baseless rumors planted on Facebook about a whole bunch of ballots invalidated by sharpies, over a thousand took to the streets. Sharpiegate may be a Deep State false-flag but the rest of the election fraud is intolerable.

Conservatives angered by election fraud

Reports are all over the media Thursday about how supporters of an honest election “forced a county elections office in Phoenix to close to the public on Wednesday night due to unrest.”

The anger was triggered by a Deep State psy-op called Sharpiegate, designed to provoke patriotic conservatives into prematurely going to war, or at least sow more chaos making it easier for them to explain away the glaring discrepancies which look a lot like election fraud.

Maricopa County, Arizona is a still smoking battleground in this year’s hotly disputed election. Through trickery and deception, Joe Biden is poised to claim an apparent victory. The only thing standing in the way is Arizona. Conservatives are fighting hard for Truth, Justice, and the American Way by converging on the County Recorder’s office yelling “Stop the steal!” and “Count the votes!”

Deputies with the Maricopa County sheriff’s office closed the building to the public and chased everyone outside but the vote counters kept busy through all the confusion. Voters were enraged when shortly after the polls closed, the state was declared a victory for Biden. Unfair and Unbalanced Fox news led the way, rightfully infuriating President Trump as much as Arizona’s conservatives. “FOX News sucks!” was one of the most popular chants Wednesday evening.

A planted false rumor

Conservatives in Maricopa County have already filed suit against County Recorder Adrian Fontes, the county Board of Supervisors and others on the “sharpiegate” controversy. They claim that “the use of Sharpie permanent markers at some polling sites left ballots too damaged to be counted.”

All indications are that someone on the left planted the false rumor specifically to make Republicans lose their minds. They did, but they still haven’t started shooting, once again frustrating the Deep State’s plans to spark Helter Skelter. Patriots are standing back and standing by until the order comes in from the Commander in Chief. A “Count Every Vote” patriot rally is scheduled at the capitol for 10:00 a.m. Friday.

Since the sharpiegate scandal first broke, Attorney General Mark Brnovich opened an investigation and election officials scrambled to assure everyone that votes cast using a sharpie are perfectly acceptable. Conservatives don’t have to worry, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs insists, because “their regular ballot would be counted, no matter what kind of pen was used to fill it out.”

Earlier, officials rushed to explain to anxious conservatives that “the markers are “not a problem for our tabulation equipment, and the offset columns on ballots ensure that bleed-through won’t impact [votes].” As clearly stated by the County Recorder and Elections Department’s website, “a blue or black ballpoint pen or a Sharpie pen can be used to fill out a ballot, while pens with red or similarly-colored ink should not be used.”


  1. psy-op called Sharpiegate? I know people personally who were forced to vote with a sharpie even when the bottom of the ballot said do not use a sharpie because the machine could not read it. This was not just a psy-op this was willful interference in the election by devious underhanded and criminal Democrats! Flat out voter fraud!

  2. All these Pedo Joe fans are going to be really TICKED OFF when Nutsy and the DNC have him declared unfit sent back to his Basement and the Ho takes over. Then there is the MORON MEDIA AKA RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps who will be the biggest LOSERS. They in their INFINITE WILLFUL LIBERAL IGNORANCE will be the first ones to be put down. They IGNORE HISTORY and what happens when a Socialist or Communist Dictator takes power. That is exactly what the Ho will become if Democraps take both Senate seats up for grabs in that run off election. The Democraps will get power and America is done for. The saddest thing about this is that once they take over the two groups they conned into handing America to the Democraps will be the ones hurt the most. Blacks and Women. They all will become less than 10th class citizens after the Ho let’s all those ILLEGALS flood in.


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