‘Republican’ Attempts to Roll Over on General Flynn


An alleged ‘republican’ in Pennsylvania and CEO of a “private intelligence” firm known as Tactical Rabbit, Inc.: Mr. Everett Stern has made a series of what can only be described as extraordinary and highly implausible accusations against Retired General Michael Flynn and the Patriot Caucus group. As Carl Sagan once observed: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, and throughout an apparent “press conference” during which Mr. Stern takes no questions and there is no on-screen or audio indication that any press is present, Stern presents no evidence only providing his own uncorroborated narrative. Coincidentally Stern is also running for US Senate as a Republican.

“I’m here today not as a candidate running for U.S. Senate, I’m here as a citizen who is genuinely concerned about our country, sincerely concerned about the undermining of our democracy,” Stern said.

Wild And Unsupported Claims of A Flynn led Conspiracy

Stern has made the astonishing claim that “at least two people representing a Flynn-linked group called “Patriot Caucus” according to a hatchet-job giddily published by far-leftist publication Salon, approached him in early 2021 following a public speech offering to hire his firm to gather “dirt” on officials and recruit other people to assist him in their “plot”. According to Stern one of the two unidentified men informs him what the Patriot-Caucus had “retained the services of active intelligence officials “both domestic and foreign.”

“They wanted to gather intelligence on senators, judges, congressmen, state reps, to move them towards the audit,” Stern said. “The word ‘move’ was emphasized tremendously. It was clear to me what they wanted was not traditional opposition research — what they wanted was to extort and to literally move people towards the audit with dirt.”

According to a similar hit-piece on Gen. Flynn in Newsweek,

“Stern said the Patriot Caucus was running operations out of multiple states, including Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Virginia, using the financial support of Texas billionaire Al Hartman. In Pennsylvania, Stern said he was given two main targets to focus on: Republican Senator Pat Toomey and Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

“The severity and the danger of domestic terrorism in this group became very very apparent to me. It was extremely disturbing,” Stern said.”

Stern even claims to have gone to Federal Law Enforcement and the Pennsylvania GOP with his concerns. But there’s a single problem here and it’s quite a large GLARING problem: There isn’t a shred of evidence. Aside from some very, VERY easily faked screenshots and audio which taken at face value are innocuous at best.

An Unknown Senate-Candidate And Ineffective Whistleblower With A Company Made of Paper?

For the record, Everett Stern, a no-name ‘whistleblower’ whose information led to zero arrests at his former employer HSBC in 2012, and who claims to have then pivoted to working for P.F. Chang’s while “sleeping on a cot” in a 400 sq. foot apartment decided to form a  “self-funded” private intelligence company (from working at P.F. Chang’s?) to “root out corruption”. He named the company after a pet rabbit which he claims helped keep him from ending his own life when his ‘whistleblower’ effort failed according to an 87-minute interview with Toronto’s Zev Shalev host of ‘Narativ‘. Shalev’s show claims to be “exposing the attack on America’s democracy.”

Stern’s Senate campaign is also in quite questionable shape given that according to FEC documentation he has raised a total of $11,710 in fundraising and lent his campaign some $87,147.30 and admittedly has no prospects now of being elected.

Stern’s company: Tactical Rabbit, has a listed business address of 2929 Arch St, Ste 1700, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, United States. A little research shows this to be the address for a virtual office rental space which is available for as little as $370/month (if you had a mind to do it and a credit card, you could theoretically have an office in the same suite.) According to LinkedIn the firm has five employees listed as contractors.

One intrepid Twitter user even located and posted an image of Mr. Stern meeting with Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) which goes to his credibility as a Republican.

When you consider all of these factors and the staggering lack of any evidence presented by Mr. Stern for his extraordinary claims, and furthermore, the exclusive coverage by only far-left publications (ie., Newsweek, Salon, Narativ). The credibility of Stern’s allegations against General Flynn and the Patriot Caucus is completely non-existent. There is nothing to indicate that this is anything other than a fictional narrative derived for the profit of someone who has lent large sums of his own money to their failed campaign and is badly in need of a way to recoup costs. In short: this has all the hallmarks of a libelous, profit-driven fraud.



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