New York Times Explaining Conservative News to Libs


Conservative views are totally alien to the liberal way of thinking. That’s why the New York Times decided they need to start explaining the facts of deplorable life to their sheltered Democrat readers.

Conservative views suddenly matter

The New York Times announced a shocking new way of doing things. They dare to actually report on topics which actually interest conservative readers. It’s not that they want deplorable right-wingers to buy subscriptions or anything.

Their politics team has a “new beat.” They’re covering “right-wing media” as “a means of better informing” their readers about “what drives many Americans’ political decision-making.

They simply have to do it, the Times insists, “since such outlets often bear little resemblance to mainstream coverage.” The announcement was made last week by their political editor David Halbfinger.

To head up their conservative media counter-spin propaganda factory, they signed up “longtime BuzzFeed News investigative reporter” Ken Bensinger.

It’s blatantly obvious that the plan is to take head-on the things conservative outlets are saying. Especially the ones which can’t be squashed and ignored.

Things like Hunter Biden should have been arrested years ago or that inflation and gas prices are a result of liberal policies. Bensinger, they promise, will “pioneer a new beat covering right-wing media as part of the democracy team on the Politics desk.

Question the institutions

As Halbfinger declared, starting Monday, August 22, Bensinger’s dedicated new department is filled with “people who reject mainstream narratives and question the institutions that hold up our democracy.” People who actually might understand why the conservative outlets beat up on the Federal Bureau of Instigation so much. They want to go out of their way to understand why the right is so furious with Merrick Garland right now.

Understanding the way information is developed, circulated and absorbed on the right is vital at this precarious moment, and requires a healthy measure of patience, empathy and understanding along with investigative chops, skepticism and toughness.

Bensinger was too busy negotiating terms with his new security team to respond to requests for comment but he did tweet out that the new gig was “important and complex” and required “sensitivity and nuance at a critical time for this nation.” Critical time is Democrat speak for “brink of civil war.” Fox quizzed his staff about details on why they decided to suddenly acknowledge conservative issues for a change.


A spokesunit proclaimed “this beat was created due to the volume of Americans who rely on alternatives to mainstream sources for their information.” It’s more than just a competition thing. The problem is they don’t think the way mainstream media wants them to think. Worse, they’re starting to have Democrats questioning the dogma. Kool-Aid consumption is at all time record lows, as the polls remind the Imperial Palace every time they come out.

Our media and technology desks thoroughly cover many aspects of hyperpartisan media and misinformation (when relevant). The Politics desk created a new beat on this topic because many Americans rely solely on right wing media for their information, which often bears little resemblance to what is being reported in mainstream media. We want our readers to be informed about what is driving the political decisions of many Americans.” They think if they can un-spin conservative issues, they might keep control of congress in a few weeks.

The spokesunit ducked the question of why they don’t have a similar program focused on the far-left. That was just silliness. Everyone knows that ALL the mainstream coverage is focused so far-left it keeps falling over. “This is how ‘journalism‘ works these days: There are whole outlets with people who somehow refer to themselves as media reporters who are actually activists dedicated to watching and reading what they deem right-wing media and opining about what they disagree with.” That one they actually got right. Yours truly agrees with that statement wholeheartedly and thanks you for your support!


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