New Report: The China Outbreak the MSM Failed to Tell You About


Now that the network media is finally admitting that maybe COVID-19 really did come from the virus lab in China after all, it turns out there was another whole outbreak that the MSM didn’t tell anyone about. No, it’s not that one with Covid a month before Covid leaked out. A few months before that, more than 6,000 people came down with “a bacterial disease after a leak at a vaccine plant.” The CCP wants to build more labs but they can’t take care of the ones they have now.

China outbreak syndrome

The Chinese Communist Party has plans on the drawing board for “dozens of new biolabs in the next few years.” They don’t seem to care that the whole world is still reeling from “the coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan in late 2019.”

More people every day are becoming convinced that it was “a deliberately altered virus that escaped the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” Meanwhile, China is building a new lab in Guangdong province.

China recently admitted they plan “on building more than two dozen BSL-3 labs and one BSL-4 lab over the course of the next five years.”

Even Chinese officials are sounding the alarm, warning of “poor security at existing facilities.” In 2019, for instance, Yuan Zhiming, director of the BSL-4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, wasn’t happy with “the safety deficiencies in China’s laboratories.”

Back then, Zhiming reported, several “high-level BSLs have insufficient operational funds for routine yet vital processes. maintenance costs were generally neglected.” That’s not good.

A lab leak in China was practically unavoidable. “Due to the limited resources, some BSL-3 laboratories run on extremely minimal operational costs or in some cases none at all.” It’s good to know that “in 2020, the central government passed a new law to improve national biosafety standards.”

SARS escaped in 2004

One of the things highlighted in the report was “a well-known lab leak in China from 2004 where nine people were infected and one died after a SARS virus escaped.” Then, there was “a similar outbreak” that happened “just months before the current pandemic erupted.” This one “involved more than 6,000 people.”

Brucellosis is “a bacterial disease with flu-like symptoms.” Usually “caused by contact with animals, the outbreak in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, was due to a leak at a vaccine plant.” That’s a surprise. “People are still being treated at hospitals even though the outbreak happened a year ago.”

Now that the lab leak theory is no longer considered a China conspiracy, “various top officials and news publications” are “all of a sudden treating it as credible and highly plausible.”

For instance, Dr. Steven Quay and UC Berkeley emeritus professor of physics Richard Muller confirmed that “the genomic structure of COVID-19 was unlike anything discovered in nature, which is the strongest evidence the coronavirus was altered in a lab.” Some of us were talking about the scars from sliced genes as early as December of 2019, and labeled “dangerous” for reporting it.

Despite the fact that the top scientists in China can’t keep a lid on deadly pathogens, it’s really not a good idea to let them keep building new labs.

Even so, Imperial Leader Joe Biden listens to what his handlers tell him to do and they tell him to leave Xi Jinping alone. The New World Order has other plans so just go along with them quietly and keep letting in the aliens.


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