Musk Broke the News on Fauci…


Anthony Fauci had his own fan club at Twitter. They had a special Slack channel for it. Elon Musk broke the news in a thread on his platform December 28. He hinted that “this shows Twitter staff’s political leanings under prior management.

Fauci Fan Club

Twitter employees, Elon Musk confirmed on the platform, “had an internal group on Slack that was a fan club for White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.

While Musk wouldn’t have been on it, the group itself wasn’t breaking any rules or regulations. It just shows which way the political wind blew through Twitter HQ. Obviously, it was coming from the far-left.

Everyone knows that Musk was “strongly opposed” to the COVID-19 lockdowns backed by Doctor Deep State. The actual title on the Slack channel was “Fauci Fan Club.” Staff was all over it “despite outstanding ‘glaring issues‘ regarding Fauci,” Epoch Times writes.

Including “the question of whether the White House adviser was untruthful when he denied that U.S. federal money was used to fund risky ‘gain-of-function‘ research at a Chinese lab at the center of speculation about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It seems that Musk’s comments were prompted by another post. Apparently, artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has already been brainwashed by liberals. When asked whether Fauci “ever lied,” the entity called that “misinformation.” Nope, he never told a single lie, ever. “It is not accurate to say that Anthony Fauci has lied,” the chatbot typed, per a screengrab.

Dr. Fauci is a highly respected physician and scientist who has spent his career working to improve public health and address infectious diseases.” He works to cover things up, too. Along with COVID, there are 85 million American “canaries” trapped in the shadows by a medical “mafia” which refuses to acknowledge that extreme sensitivity to common chemicals is a real disease.

The truth about Wuhan

When Musk noticed Andreessen’s post he added a Newsweek article with the headline: “Fauci Was ‘Untruthful’ to Congress About Wuhan Lab Research, New Documents Appear to Show.” ChatGPT must not believe in Newsweek.

The documents the article refers to were obtained and released by The Intercept following a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by the publication against the National Institutes of Health.

That solid evidence shows EcoHealth Alliance, which is a U.S.-based health organization, used taxpayer money to “fund research into bat coronaviruses at the Chinese lab in Wuhan.” Everyone agrees the research the did was “gain-of-function” except for Fauci and the guys who did it.

This type of research involves altering the properties of a pathogen, such as its virulence, in order to study its potential impact on human health.” That’s a lot like “biowarfare” and it’s why everyone considers it so dangerous.

While 7 out of 11 scientists “who are virologists or work in related fields” think “the work appears to meet the NIH criteria for gain-of-function research,” Fauci and friends “have denied that the funding amounted to gain-of-function research.

They didn’t do that because it would be illegal, immoral and probably fattening, too. “The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” Fauci said that at a Senate hearing on May 11, 2021 so could end up being used against him for lying to congress.


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