Maxine Waters CAUGHT in Massive SCANDAL

maxine waters

We have yet another installment in the Maxine Waters corruption saga.

This is the tried and true slate mailer scam that she has been running virtually since she came into office.

This is nothing but a way to accept bribes and pay off her daughter.

It’s a SCAM

Slate mailers, of which you are probably not familiar, are nothing more than flyers with a list of “approved” candidates.

Waters set up a slate mailer scheme to help her daughter make money, and she has raked it in.

During the 2022 campaign season, she hauled in more than $190,000 for these pieces of paper.

Since Waters has been in office, her daughter has made more than $1.2 million.

Basically, you hand Maxine a five-figure check, she puts you in the mailer as an approved candidate, and Maxine pays off her daughter.

Waters is like the mob for politicians in California because everyone pays!

Governor Newsom gave her $45,000. Former Senator Barbara Boxer paid her $33,000. District Attorney George Gascon paid her $36,500. Between Kamala Harris AG and Senatorial campaigns, Harris paid Maxine $63,000!

This is what politicians in this country do… the figure out creative ways to funnel campaign money to friends and family, and they have done it for decades.

Politicians on the right are just as bad, with the most recent example being Donald Trump’s Save American PAC which used most of the money it raised for staff salaries and Donald Trump’s legal bills.

I can tell you this, it will be a cold day in hell before I ever make another political donation.


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