Mass Exodus as Conservative Government Calls it Quits


Boris Johnson is joining five dozen members of the U.K. government in a mass exodus of conservative party members. He threw in the towel to step down as Prime Minister, the world learned on Thursday. The masses are laughing and jeering in front of Number 10 today but we’ll see who has the last laugh, one Johnson supporter jibes back. Just like liberal Americans are learning with Joe Biden, they asked for it – now they’re stuck with it.

Conservative faction surrenders

The British form of politics has always been confusing but ever since they tied the hands of their king with the Magna Carta, their Parliament makes the laws and they are administered by the Prime Minister. Much like our Congress and President. Things get a little slippery when you consider their “conservative party.”

A lot like Republicans, they have members who are a lot more liberal than they should be. Boris Johnson was very ideologically similar to Donald Trump. He even has similar hair issues. The ones in his party who bailed are equally as deplorable to the New World Order. Sometimes, the best way to win a war is through not fighting.

When “nearly 60 members of his government – almost half the payroll” resigned their posts, CNN writes, Boris Johnson decided it was time to join them. There is only so much one person can do and he did what he could. More conservative than most of his party, Boris was hounded out of office by those who insist on handing national sovereignty over to the continental banking families with unlimited power and resources.

The idea seems to be that letting liberals have what they think they want will teach them a lesson. Sort of like that “Tide Pod Challenge” snack fad. Either progressives will eventually learn the error of their bread-and-circus mob-rule ways or we’ll all end up dead. One way or another, it will all be over soon.

Replacements are already lining up and Johnson promises not to stand in their way. He’s smart enough to actually be able to read the writing on the wall and also smart enough to know you can’t argue with the weather.

His so called “conservative” party has clearly thrown him under the bus. He’s not going to wait for it to back up and run over him again. The sad part is he recently survived the “no-confidence” vote battle to retain power on the merits of his policies.'”

The will of the party

Standing in front of the famous Downing street door, where all Prime Ministers go to resign, Boris Johnson delivered a short and positive statement, thanking his supporters and acknowledging the need to move along in separate directions. Like a divorce, the couple can still remain friends and talk to each other with civil respect.

It is clearly now the will of the parliamentary Conservative Party that there should be a new leader of that party and therefore, a new prime minister.” So be it. “The process of choosing that new leader should begin now.” Rip the Bandaid off and get it over with.

To you, the British public,” Johnson acknowledged, “I know that there will be many people who are relieved and, perhaps, quite a few will also be disappointed. And I want you to know how sad I am to be giving up the best job in the world, but them’s the breaks.

Conservative doesn’t mean quite what it should over on the other side of the pond.

The same way Democrats were jumping for joy to see Trump leave the White House, they’re afraid to admit things weren’t so bad when the conservative was around. They were working, had money, and America was exporting energy. Now all we have are daily mass shootings and nobody can afford to drive a gas engine car. He told them so.

Johnson “loyalist” Minister Andrea Jenkyns hinted at that as she made her way through the frolicking crowd into parliament. “Her taunt – in which she shouted: ‘He who laughs last, laughs the loudest…wait and see‘, was largely drowned out by a sea of boos and the Benny Hill theme tune, which had been ringing out from the speaker of notorious anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray, 53, since early this morning.


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