Listen VERY CLOSELY to What Fauci Says in This Video

Listen VERY CLOSELY to What Fauci Says in This Video

Conservative commentator and podcast host Liz Wheeler shared a disturbing video of Anthony Fauci in a post on Twitter, which raised concerns about how Fauci views individual liberty.

The clip, which came from an interview with Ted Koppel on CBS This Morning, discussed COVID and so-called misinformation.

The Interview

In the video, Fauci begins by discussing his “plan” for COVID, and how former President Donald Trump supposedly undermined him.

“One of the things that, to me, was most difficult to accept is that we put together a good plan for how we were gonna try and dampen down the spread of infection early on, thinking that that was accepted by everybody and then the next day, the president saying ‘free Michigan,’ ‘free Virginia,'” Fauci says as images of Trump’s tweets are shown on the screen.

He then appeared flabbergasted as to why anyone would want to be free, stuttering a bit in his speech, saying “what” twice and “I” three times before being able to formulate a clear sentence.

“I didn’t quite understand what the purpose of that was, except to put this misplaced perception about people’s individual right to make a decision that supersedes the societal safety,” Fauci said with an undeniable hint of disdain in his voice.

Throwing his hands up, Fauci added: “That, to me, is one of the things that I think went awry in all of this.”

“Did you ever raise that with President Trump?” Koppel asked.

“You know, I didn’t have the opportunity to raise that. I was sort of, like, shocked, and I didn’t speak to him for some time after that. But, it was at that point that I realized that I would have to just get out there myself and say things that clearly were gonna be contradictory, —”

CBS then interrupted the interview with a short clip of Fauci at a press conference, with former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and former Vice President Mike Pence standing behind him, where Fauci stated: “I’m not totally sure of what the president was referring to.”

After the clip, Fauci’s statement continued. “— that it was much worse than we’re saying it was, that it’s not gonna go away tomorrow, that it’s not gonna disappear like magic.”

Sharing the clip, Liz Wheeler wrote: “Fauci finally admits he’s a dictator who thinks his orders supersede your liberty. We knew it… but Fauci now says it himself.”


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