Levin Declares it Official: Post-Constitutional America


It may not come as a surprise to conservatives who have been paying close attention but Mark Levin made it official with a warning to his viewers that “the United States they thought they lived in no longer exists, at least so far as the January 6 Committee are concerned.” He pulled out his pocket Constitution so the audience could follow along.

Mark Levin makes it official

During his opening monologue, Mark Levin proudly pulled out his pocket copy of the Constitution. Every American patriot should have one of those.

This,” he said as he held it up, “is supposed to be the overall law of the land that protects our individuality, our freedom and the civil society.” Not anymore. “In many ways,” subjects of the current regime “live in a post-constitutional America.

It’s already over, as far as the January 6 committee is concerned. In fact, Levin suggests, the panel members “have been major participants in its demise.

He, along with most conservatives, call the whole hearing sham a “kangaroo court.” It’s certainly not justice as we used to know it.

Let me ask you a question.” Levin begins. “Let’s say you are gonna go to a court of law. There is no judge. There is no jury. You don’t have a lawyer. You can’t call witnesses. You can’t provide exculpatory evidence, you have to watch. And watch.

That doesn’t sound very fair. It gets worse. “Let’s say the jury is chosen by Nancy Pelosi.” Don’t worry, she says, “it’s bipartisan.

The prosecution is the jury

Nancy Pelosi’s idea of “bipartisan” is 2 RINO Republicans on a 9 member panel. Meanwhile, the media dutifully sits in the back, “taking pictures, rolling cameras, taking notes, as ‘scribes‘ for the prosecution. The prosecution being the jury.

Levin started to get passionate about how the committee can dare report “oh we have new findings, new information has come out.” It may not be a “perfect parallel” he admits, but it’s “good enough.” His analogy “is pretty much what’s been going on with this January 6 committee.

Americans are being force-fed political propaganda on prime-time TV and that’s not normal. In many ways, Levin suggests, “it is using legal precedents otherwise alien to the American political process.

This is nothing close to normal. “In a normal committee hearing,” even a tiny subcommittee meeting, say one overlooking farm subsidies, you “would have more opposition than you have in this committee, which is none.

Mark Levin is totally stunned by what’s going on. “I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. It’s totally choreographed, members are reading off of teleprompters, one member has been given responsibility for leading the hearing, he knows exactly when to stop.

So video is played, cherry-picked deposition video, then they have their cherry-picked witnesses asking them questions. This is a hybrid between a political prosecution and a criminal prosecution which is exactly what the framers rejected. We have what’s called ‘separation of powers.” Well, we used to.


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