John Brennan DEMANDS Trump Supporters Publicly BEG FOR MERCY


With the Obama 2.0 administration firmly in charge, courtesy of the Deep State and their unlimited New World Order resources, Barack Obama’s favorite CIA Director, John Brennan, is demanding that deplorables renounce their beloved Donald Trump and publicly beg for mercy. The first step of the scheme is silencing anyone still under the mistaken impression that the First Amendment remains in effect. Anyone daring to try to continue exercising it, or Soros forbid, hint about using the Second, will be off to camp faster than they can say FEMA.

John Brennan calls patriotism ‘malignancy’

Barack Obama’s CIA Director is so slimy that even the Democrats don’t like him. Liberal Glenn Greenwald called him an “inveterate, pathological liar” and “security state goon.” Even so, he got tapped to announce the Deep State position.

Brennan made it crystal clear on the social media platform Twitter, which already banned President Trump for life, that anyone who doesn’t drink the Kool Aid is in for trouble. They want nothing less than total surrender from all deplorable patriots before they start thinking they can defend the Constitution or something.

In a tweet Saturday, which BizPacReview called “Maoist-like,” Brennan tapped out “Anyone now seeking national redemption by claiming to no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore & enable his corrupt, dishonest, & divisive agenda.” He then added, “Total denunciation of a despot’s legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.”

Since when is election integrity, secure borders, attempts to stomp on corruption, and generally working to Make America Great Again corrupt, dishonest or divisive? It’s only divisive to the Deep State. he doesn’t spell it out but what he ends up saying is that patriotic defense of the Constitution and the American way of life is “a malignancy” to be cut out of Democrat society like a cancer.

The Deep State engineered an operation where alleged supporters of President Trump were so impassioned by the President’s speech that they stormed the Capitol Building. Nobody wants to question any of the suspicious circumstances of what many are now calling a “false flag.” For a high ranking spook, it’s strange to note that Brennan doesn’t question how the security could be so suspiciously lax for such an important and high profile event.

Instead of shooting the barbarians as they came in the door, security virtually invited them in. The bulk of those in charge of the mission are well known operatives of “Q” and there are films floating around which show a couple guys who look a lot like special forces. Those are the ones that rumors say captured Pelosi’s missing laptop.

The barbarians make all deplorables look bad

Democrats are quick to endorse the liberal position that the barbarian invasion of the Capitol Building “is an indictment of all Trump supporters and thus of all of their respective beliefs as they pertain to policy and ideology.”

To put it another way, “the riot is an indictment of conservatism itself.” So there you have it. Big Brother was old school. Your less sinister little sister Alexa is listening patiently to your every word. John Brennan loves Alexa.

Basically what he stated boils down to the position that each and every conservative American must totally surrender and denounce their deplorable ways. If not there will be a price to pay. Tom Fitton explained how that’s going to work and now he’s off Twitter too.

“The left has now said if you oppose their policies, that’s the equivalence of violence and you have to be removed.” They removed him for it. John Brennan told him so. “If you raise questions about election integrity, you can’t be on the Internet. If you raise questions about the lockdowns, you can’t be on the Internet.” If you raise questions, you can’t be on the internet either.


Political correspondent Jack Furnari agreed. He tweeted out that “if this line of thinking sounds eerily familiar to you, it may be because the talk of forcefully converting people to a different ideology and pursuing ‘eradication’ against those who refuse to submit echoes the genocidal rhetoric of dictators ranging from Adolf Hitler to Mao Zedong.”

Considering the history of his political decisions, it’s no surprise that Brennan would join the hardcore New World Order zealots who run things these days.


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