Joe Biden’s Priest Now Under investigation and They Won’t Say Why


The Jesuit priest who gave the service the morning of Imperial Leader Joe Biden’s installation as overseer of Central North America appears to be facing some embarrassing charges. So embarrassing that nobody wants to say what they are. Most conservative Christians wonder how Joe can call himself a Catholic when he’s all in favor of murdering babies. Now we know how he still gets communion.

Priest faces ‘allegations’

It seems that the Biden family fits a lot better into their congregation than anyone previously imagined. Jill keeps a spray bottle handy for when Joe gets frisky and Hunter isn’t allowed near underage family females anymore.

It turns out that the Biden family’s favorite priest, Reverend Kevin O’Brien, “exhibited behaviors in adult settings, consisting primarily of conversations, which may be inconsistent with established Jesuit protocols and boundaries.”

The board of trustees for Santa Clara University says the behavior of this particular priest is too far out, even for Northern California.

They aren’t saying exactly what O’Brien is accused of doing but he’s “on leave from his position as president” of the university and the trustees “support those who came forward to share their accounts.” Board chairman John M. Sobrato issued a public statement.

He’s only been assigned to the California college for a short time before the investigation. O’Brien was appointed president in July of 2019. Before that, he served at Georgetown University, which is another Jesuit college and where he met Holy Joe Biden.

The problematic priest gave the morning service at St. Matthew the Apostle Cathedral, one of the most prominent Catholic churches in Washington, to specially bless Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before usurping Imperial power. It’s a wonder they whole building didn’t crumble around their ears as they burst into flames.

Despite his proclivity

Biden is allegedly the nation’s second Catholic president but he doesn’t really act very Catholic. His proclivity for the murder of babies for instance.

O’Brien also “presided over services for Biden’s inaugurations as vice president.” It turns out that, according to the university, “the priest has known Biden’s family for about 15 years.”

The statement Sobrato issued was posted to the university’s website on Monday.

Though it did not specify the allegations against O’Brien, it isn’t hard to guess the nature when the next line is “the trustees support those who came forward to share their accounts.” They locked the priest out of his office and launched an investigation.

The university assures that “while O’Brien is on leave, the priest will be cooperating with the independent investigation, with conclusions to be shared with the Santa Clara University Board of Trustees.” The accused is not returning calls from journalists.

Tracey Primrose did come to the phone though. She’s spokeswoman for the Jesuits West Province, which is overseeing the investigation. She isn’t allowed to say a lot but she did confirm, “Jesuits are held to a professional code of conduct, and the Province investigates allegations that may violate or compromise established boundaries.”


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