Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Breaks His Silence, Exposes the Truth


Bill Stevenson, the ex-husband of first lady Jill Biden, broke his silence in a Newsmax TV interview and revealed what he called the “Biden crime family”.

He claimed that President Joe Biden’s administration is going after Donald Trump in the same way they targeted him during his divorce from Jill decades ago.

In a shocking revelation, Stevenson stated that Frankie Biden from the so-called “Biden crime family” approached him and threatened him to give her the house or face serious consequences.

After confronting Frankie about his alleged threat, Stevenson and his brother were indicted for an $8200 tax charge just two months later.

Greg Kelly asked Stevenson if he thought that Joe Biden had something to do with it and he replied that not only did he think so but also knew it.

Kelly highlighted how similar Hunter and Bill’s cases are – while Hunter is charged with two misdemeanor counts for $2.2 million unpaid taxes, Stevenson was charged with two felonies for just over $8,000 in unpaid taxes.

In response to this startling comparison, Stevenson said he couldn’t believe the power of Joe Biden and the Department of Justice and that they have been targeting him for 35 years now.

He further added that he can’t let them do this to President Trump as well as our country which is why he came forward to share his story about the “Biden crime family”.

Earlier reports noted that Jill has been playing an outsized role in her husband’s administration mostly as a protector of sorts – she participates directly in vetting administration officials, sits in meetings, protects Joe from long events etc., thereby shielding him from handling too much on his own.

Politico reported that she is always her husband’s final gut check while David Muir jokingly asked if Joe will run again for president since it’s usually Jill who makes such decisions.


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