House Republicans Drop BOMBSHELL Report on Biden Family

Joe Biden

Joe Biden better get his ducks in a row.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is excited and it is not about being elevated to a committee chair.

No, it is about finally getting the assets he needs to investigate just how deep Hunter and Joe Biden’s business dealings were.

What Problem

It was recently revealed that were about 150 business transactions flagged by banking institutions involving the Biden family.

Republicans want access to those reports, something that has been blocked to this point, to see if they can connect the dots.

When you consider that Hunter was doing significant business with the Chinese, this is a pretty big story.

Joe Biden is acting like a tough guy, but he is nervous about this…

There is still one problem, however.

That would be that even if the GOP finds something, they have no prosecutorial powers.

All they can do is refer the case over to the DOJ.

And who is running the DOJ? Well, that would be Biden’s wingman, Merrick Garland.

Who in their right mind believes that Merrick Garland would drop an indictment on Joe Biden?


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