Gang Members Dragged Out on Street For Photo Op


There is only one reason why three Barrio 18 Sureños gang members were dragged out into the street for a photo-shoot in El Salvador. It’s because Kamala Harris told them there’s billions of dollars just waiting to be passed out. But, she teases, officials can’t have it until they show some progress on cleaning up all the violent crime.

Dramatic images of gang arrest

Three Barrio 18 Sureños gang members, out of thousands, were dramatically arrested and the photos hit American TV screens on July 1. The best photographers in El Salvador were on hand to document the police appearing to do something about crime.

These three are suspected of involvement with some police officers who had been killed. Whether these individuals had anything to do with that or not, they were “dragged into the street and paraded in front of the country’s press” to show progress.

The two men and a woman are allegedly with the Barrio 18 Sureños. That is one of three “main gangs operating in the small Central American country which has one of the world’s highest murder rates.” Cops get murdered just as often as gang bangers there.

These three were hauled through the mud street of “the ‘La Realidad’ neighborhood of Santa Ana by a huge unit of armed police officers who stormed a nearby building and arrested them.” It took a whole squad to bring them in.

The police made sure to have the gang suspects “kneel with their hands in cuffs as law enforcement posed for photos with the media.” The young woman and “seemingly teenage” boy both “looked on uncomfortably and lowered their heads in an attempt to conceal their faces from the camera flashes.

The third was obviously a dangerous killer. What looks like a nasty machete scar blazes across his cheek and he “stared unflinchingly at the media with a menacing scowl etched across his tattoo-covered face.


Intensify the efforts

How, asked Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele, can we get all that cash from the Yankees when vicious criminals get away with violently assassinating police officers. Three of their soldiers were murdered.

Kamala Harris had her staff call to ask what was up with that? In response, Bukele promised to “intensify” what he called his government’s “already tough efforts to combat rampant gang violence.

The really evil looking gang member in the media spread had a tattoo of the number 18, symbolizing his membership in the 18-Sur gang. All El Presidente has to say about the arrests is that “they will pay” for the police killings.

He wants to look real tough and fierce because Kamala showed him all the pledges she took from really deep pocket liberal donors. The only problem is that none of the money can be handed over because the government is so horribly corrupt and the gangs control the streets.

Look, what you need to do is go out and round up a few gang members, rumors suggest she said. Arrest them on camera. Make a big deal about doing that a few times so everyone can see how hard you’re working. After that, round up a few of your political enemies. Have them declared criminals, hold a few corruption trials.

If they play their cards right, the cash can start flowing this summer. She gave them a big warning, too. If they wait too long to at least appear like they’re cleaning up their act, Democrats could lose big in the U.S. mid-terms and the whole deal could go up in smoke.


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