FBI Blood Ties Exposed Through Court Docs


The FBI has “Moloch worshipers” on the payroll. Even worse, the Federal Bureau of Instigation allegedly groomed unstable “Atomwaffen” and “Satanic 09A Tempel ov Blood” members, targeting them for evil purposes of the Deep State. Apparently the bureau spent hundreds of thousands of your dollars to fund “satanic cults and literatures.”

FBI pays devil worshipers

The FBI is “influencing and involving themselves with individuals who commit acts of evil in the name of Satanic neo-Nazi ideological extremism.”

This explosive revelation just blasted out from the court paperwork of a case involving “high-profile Neo-Nazi group member” Kaleb Cole. It seems the bureau intentionally “helped turn” the neo-Nazis “toward a more ‘sinister’ direction.”

Investigative reporter Ali Winston broke the scandal wide open. She’s been following the Kaleb Cole trial closely and was stunned when she saw what jumped off the page at her when reviewing the court filings. Attorney’s for the defense outed Joshua Caleb Sutter as a key rat for the FBI. He’s publisher of “Martinet Press” which spews violent racist filth.

That isn’t surprising because he’s also “allegedly an Atomwaffen member and key figure in the satanic group known as the O9A Tempel ov Blood.” What is surprising is that his propaganda is sponsored by the feds.

As reported by Winston, Sutter has been a rat for the FBI since 2003 and they sponsored his evil publications to the tune of $140,000, or more. Cole had been charged with “leading a conspiracy to intimidate reporters across the United States with other group members.”

His lawyers argue the bureau talked him into it. Satanic book publisher Joshua Caleb Sutter is apparently linked through reference to a crime which Sutter was convicted of in 2003. “Sutter isn’t identified by name, but its undoubtedly him. Martinet Press publishes Order of Nine Angles texts that have radicalized countless youth in Neo-Fascist, Satanist practices. He has that aforementioned ’03 conviction for trying to [sic] sell a firearm w/an obliterated serial.”

It’s potentially massive

The ideology coming off Sutter’s printing press “has connections to a series of murders in Great Britain.” Jake Hanrahan is concerned. “This is potentially massive. It’s been confirmed in court documents that Joshua Sutter, one of the Atomwaffen leaders (and one of the biggest O9A proponents), is an FBI informant,” he tweeted August 21, 2021.

“It would be interesting to know if the $200,000+ he was paid contributed directly to the promotion of this totalitarian occultist ideology.”

Winston followed up with a tweet of her own. “Bottom line is this: Martinet Press has been essentially bankrolled by the feds, pumping out a steady stream of extremist lit.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has Sutter on their most wanted list.

“Martinet Press is run by Atomwaffen member Joshua Caleb Sutter, a former member of Aryan Nations. He and his wife, Jillian Hoy, lead Tempel ov Blood (ToB), an esoteric Satanist group that has deified many of the world’s most brutal and murderous authoritarian dictators. ToB is an affiliated sect of an international umbrella group known as The Order of Nine Angles (O9A). O9A was started in England in the 1960s. The enigmatic Satanic occult group’s most extreme adherents promote human sacrifice, Nazism, fascism and Aryan myths, and it has reportedly praised Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden.” Now we know that Christopher Wray’s FBI has been funding them and running cover.

The required group reading, “‘Libre 333’ is a satanic manual, which guides neo-Nazis who fantasize about evolving into a new form of vampiric Aryan predator.”

The FBI is sponsoring open “calls for infiltrating entities with ‘sinister potential,’ such as the military, the police, religious or right-wing groups; while ‘Iron Gates’ is sci-fi gore that tells the story of a blood-thirsty death cult, and contains graphic descriptions of rape, torture, and murder.”


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