Farmers Face ‘Emotional Pain’ in Fight For Survival


Dutch farmers are in such “emotional pain,” as they fight for their very survival, that they’re flying their national flag upside down. For weeks now, they’ve been protesting along roads and bridges with their tractors.

Human survival at stake

The survival of humanity is at risk, Dutch farmers warn as they burn bales of hay and blockade food distribution warehouses. Food producers across Europe are joining the protest in solidarity because heavy-handed climate change mandates handed down by Brussels are forcing them all out of business. It isn’t fair.

American farms and ranches are next but none of this is seen on American network media coverage.

It’s all supposed to be over by 2030. Globalist progressives promise a green new paradise is on the agenda but don’t expect that pushing the “Great Reset” button will deliver anything other than the notorious “blue screen of death.” Liberal leaders in their isolated ivory towers simply have no idea where their food comes from.

The farmers do know, and they’re warning in no uncertain terms that the future of human survival is at stake. Reducing livestock numbers in the Dutch Netherlands by a “radical” 30% to meet environmental targets will have earth-shattering effects on the global food supply. This is only the beginning.

Progressive globalists can’t imagine how Dutch farmers can be so insensitive to the need for cuts “in ammonia, nitrogen oxides and nitrous oxide needed to protect more than 150 nature reserves in the country.” The farming sector, they declare, simply must suck it up and “bear the brunt of emissions cuts.

That’s easy for them to say. They’re rich enough to afford a private stash of food. You won’t see them standing in line at the supermarket. They don’t even realize that right now, all the shelves are bare across the country because protesting farmers are trying to give everyone a taste of what’s to come. Survival later means getting with the program now. Dutch leadership needs to wake up, instead of being so “woke.”


It’s a dictatorship

According to a frustrated Jeroen van Maanen, unfortunate enough to be a farmer with 130 cows in Zeewolde, “this is not a democracy any more. It’s a dictatorship.” Animals produce ammonia, that’s simply a fact of the chemistry of life. Ammonia is mostly nitrogen.

While that happens to be the biggest part of the air we breathe, when nitrogen “enters lakes and streams via farm runoff” it can “damage sensitive natural habitats.” The Netherlands has the seventh biggest livestock population in the European Union. They’re also a tiny country. Half of Europe depends on them for survival.

If experts were really interested in doing something about the weather, they would take a look at pollution from other sources as well. It’s clear that the farmers have a huge target on their back.

Some say the real reason they’re being forced to shut down is so their land can be grabbed by developers, to build migrant housing on. Survival of the farmers would put a huge dent in New World Order open borders planning.

Mr. Van Maanen is convinced farmers are being unfairly targeted. “If you come for us and our families, you come at a farmer’s soul. We’ve proposed all kinds of solutions but we are ignored. And finally, they come up with a plan for a reduction in livestock. No other sector has reduced nitrogen in the last 30 years [as much as] we have. This is why there’s a lot of emotion and pain.

The government still isn’t taking the fight for farmer survival seriously. “We know exactly what allowance each farmer has and what they produce, while a lot of industrial companies don’t need permission – but they emit nitrogen,” declares farm friendly politician Jan Brok.


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