Democrats Treated Threat as ‘Political Statement’


If it was really a threat, the officials would have been prepared. The reason they weren’t prepared is because of the inherent political statement that would send. Respected conservative columnist John Solomon shared a few of his observations with Sean Hannity over on Fox. He dropped in to chat about the three ring circus Democrats are airing on prime time television. The timeline of events leading up to the attack has his eyebrows up.

Four days of threat infamy

Referring to the threat period leading up to the barbarian invasion, Solomon calls it “four days of infamy.” That’s how long the Capitol Police spent not turning the Capitol Building into an impregnable fortress.

Pelosi, Schumer and congressional leadership “could have hardened the Capitol, could have gotten the resources in place, could have made the strategic decisions, could have accepted the National Guard help that would have saved all of those men and women in blue on the Capitol who got injured that day.” Obviously, Solomon wasn’t pulling his punches.

It has become “overwhelmingly clear that these were repeated political decisions made instead of security decisions.

If they really wanted to stop the barbarian horde from invading, they could have. Instead, they ignored the alleged “threat.” More and more, it seems like the “insurrectionists” were lured into the events of January 6, 2021.

On January 5, for instance, the House sergeant-at-arms turned down the police chief’s request to bring in the National Guard. That wasn’t a threat response decision based on safety concerns, they were afraid of the way it would look. He told them no “because of optics.”

To John Solomon, “optics is not a security term, it is a political term.” It can only mean one thing. “They were not making a security decision that day for the men and women of the Capitol police force or the lawmakers in that Capitol Building. They were making a political statement, and that is why they turned down this help.

A rabble of lunatics

This was not an organized effort to breach the Capitol Building. Prime time was plastered with body cam and cellphone footage showing the threat posed by “a rabble of lunatics.” If Garland tries to press charges against Trump over what’s been presented so far, it will blow up right in his face.

If Trump were to be tried and acquitted, he would walk straight back into the White House.

Even to Democrats, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are coming off as total hypocrites. If they’re so fired up about defending the Constitution, why won’t they provide security for SCOUTUS? When protesters lay siege to Brett Kavanaugh’s castle Joe “declined to to condemn protests and the threat.

His attempted assassination is being totally ignored. That, The Hill suggests, “makes their claims of principled defense of the Constitution seem empty.

Nothing about the prime time spectacular worked out for Democrats. The only threat which really got exposed was the one to Democrats in the mid-terms. The hearings weren’t a ratings sensation.

Liberals were hoping it would give them what they need to get over the hump in November. It won’t. As The Hill reports, “maybe the hearings will give Democratic turnout a bit of a bump, but it won’t fundamentally alter how the midterm elections are likely to go for the Democrats — catastrophically.


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