Democrats Sickening Plan B to Screw Trump Exposed


The Epoch Times’ American Thought Leaders dropped a bomb on Friday. The battle to disqualify President Trump from running in 2024 may not end with the impeachment. This is the sickening, insane “Plan B” to screw President Trump and the American people out of a second term. Host Jan Jekielek had former Texas state representative and co-founder of the Patriot Academy Rick Green on as a guest.

Green argues. “By raising the 14th Amendment issue, they are looking for an opportunity to get a vote that does not require two-thirds,”

“What People Should Be Watching For Is Is Not The 67 Vote Conviction But Potentially A 51 Vote Resolution From The House And Senate That Would Still Prevent Donald Trump From Running For Office.”

How would this Screw job work exactly?

Green answered,

 “Yeah, my concern is that by raising the 14th Amendment issue they are looking for an opportunity to get a vote that does not require two-thirds and this is unchartered territory. So they may be able to make up the rules as they go here.”

Green continued, “The problem with the 14th Amendment claim is that it requires that you have found someone did in fact participate in some level of insurrection. You’ve had a conviction in a court somewhere you’ve had due process. and under that 14th Amendment there’s no, I don’t believe the founders, I don’t see any evidence of the founders, not the founders but those in in the 1860’s that passed the 14th Amendment that they envisioned that the Senate would be the one to be the trier of fact in that case. That would be for someone that was convicted in a court of being a part of insurrection. That you could say: ‘now they can’t run for office’. But I don’t think they care about that, I think they’re going to connect that language out of the 14th amendment to the disqualification from office in article 1 section 3.”

“They’re Already Floating That Idea I Mean They’ve Been Putting Out Articles. They’ve Had  Experts Out There Saying That This Would Be Okay. So There’s A Real Concern In My Mind That That’s What They’ll Attempt To Do, and Just Run Roughshod Over The Constitution. And Ignore The Judiciary That’s Normally Needed It For Something Like This.”

Green Is Right, This Is the Democrats’ Plan B, Schumer Just Said So.

Hours after the Epoch Times interview with Green, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported a bombshell: “Schumer: Democrats might invoke 14th Amendment to bar Trump if Senate acquits”. 

“We’re first going to finish the impeachment trial, and then Democrats will get together and discuss where we go next,” Schumer said, as reported by Fox News.

Reportedly the Senators and Representatives have discussed the 14th Amendment a great deal since January 6th, not only to target Congressmen who supported Trump as Rep. Cori Bush has suggested, but to target President Trump himself. According to the ACJ, “U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, has reportedly been on the forefront of the 14th Amendment push, and U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, late last month called it “intriguing.”” The 14th Amendment, says Congress can bar people who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the U.S. from holding office.

However, the 14th Amendment is silent on how it would be determined that someone engaged in insurrection, this would be especially difficult for the Senate to prove in a potential appeal to the Supreme Court with a likely acquittal of the second impeachment on the way.

Green felt that the ability to appeal is easily implied especially given that a simple majority can pass a resolution, this would undoubtedly find its’ way to the Supreme Court. He explained,

“So if they if they now use the 14th Amendment. And they may go outside of the impeachment trial itself to do The 14th Amendment. They may try to do it just through a resolution that is passed through The House and The Senate.

If that happens I believe he will have appellate ability he will be able to challenge that going to The U.S Supreme Court. That’s something they’ve never ruled on before so that would be new territory there.

I would say it’s a fantasy world. I mean we’re living Post-Constitution at this point and we’re literally ignoring the Constitutional history and the plain text of The Constitution.” This would quite seriously be the screw job to end all screw jobs.


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