Deep State Fights Back Hard Against GOP Probes


Panic stricken Democrats have already crafted a strategy of offensive propaganda, designed to push back against a brewing massive sh!t-storm monsoon. One that’s about to blow out of the mid-term fan all over them. Republicans managed to snag a single seat majority in the house and that’s all they need to start a frenzy of investigations. The Just Us Department is as terrorized by the idea as Joe Biden and his family is.

Democrat strategy in place

They might not be able to stop the probes from poking at them from all sides but they have a strategy to deal with the damage, before it happens. They gave it the fancy name of “Congressional Integrity Project.” They don’t trust the integrity of anyone daring to probe their own integrity. They’re ready to fish all the skeletons out of every congressional closet on the right side of the aisle.

The damage control plan prescribed by Democrat spin doctors involves “rapid response, investigative researchers, pollsters and eventually paid media designed to put Republicans on the defensive.” They want to prevent Democrat criminals from facing penalties at any cost.

They have a whole team of “top Democratic strategists” popping Adderall like they work for FTX. They locked them in a room and told them they can’t come out until they have a strategy guaranteed to “counter an expected investigative onslaught by the likely incoming House GOP majority.

Democrats are panicked that Joe Biden will soon be implicated, along with his brother James, in Hunter’s globetrotting influence peddling scam. A whole bunch of “top of potential Cabinet impeachments” are flying through the breeze too.

The liberal rapid response teams central to the defense strategy are “designed to serve as the party’s ‘leading war room‘ to push back on House Republican investigations,” founder Kyle Herrig explains. The whole idea is to “investigate the investigators, expose their political motivations and the monied special interests supporting their work.” Democrats should know all about how those function.

They want to hold Republicans “accountable for ignoring the urgent priorities” of progressive liberals “in order to smear Joe Biden and do the political bidding of Trump and MAGA Republicans.” The shoe is on the other foot now, how unfair.

Already on the job

The Democ-rats already know exactly how guilty they are. That’s why their “team of researchers has already begun scouring public records, press clippings and other documents in a bid to immediately undercut House GOP leaders.” Starting with Nancy Pelosi’s replacement, Kevin McCarthy and then working through “the likely committee chairs expected to manage probes of Biden and his network.

The whole strategy is to cover Democrat crime by burying Republicans in a thick coat of mud. They hired all the heavy hitters. Leslie Dach, a well-known Democratic communications specialist advised the Biden administration’s pandemic response. Jeff Peck, a former Biden aide is onboard. He “served as treasurer and vice chair of the Biden Foundation as well as a senior adviser to the Biden-Harris transition.

The GOP is just as ready to start formal investigations and hearings the moment everyone is sworn into office, this January. Democrats already have intelligence affecting their strategy that “McCarthy has privately talked with committee chairs-in-waiting to coordinate plans.” They’re all patting themselves on the back that they got the ball rolling even before the bad news of a conservative majority hit the stands.

For instance, they plan to claim preemptively that “no evidence has publicly emerged” that any of Joe Biden’s decisions were “affected by his son’s business dealings.” He took money from Hunter’s friends then did what he wanted to do, not what they wanted him to do. Yeah, right.

They have it all on tap because Democrats tried the strategy once before with the same committee. They just brought it back to life and gave it new leadership.

Brad Woodhouse, a longtime Democratic strategist who is part of the project’s new leadership team is ramping up to counter a Republican “vendetta” after “two impeachments of and investigations into former President Donald Trump while Democrats controlled Congress.” They don’t even like to mention the name Hunter Biden and the word “laptop” is considered offensive profanity.


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