Breaking: Hospital Removing Patients from Transplant List if Un-Vaxxed


It was inevitable. American patients who have declined the emergency use authorized COVID19 mRNA “vaccine” are being removed from the transplant waiting list, which for some is tantamount to a death sentence. These are some of the most immune-compromised people in the world. They are patients who will be taking immuno-suppressive anti-rejection treatments. And many who have pre-existing conditions which make adverse effects of the “vaccine” an incredibly high and potentially lethal risk. It’s absolutely criminal. It’s coercing the forced compliance of people who metaphorically have a gun to their heads.

Cassandra Fairbanks of The Gateway Pundit reports, “The University of Washington Medical Center has kicked “several patients” off their transplant waiting list for not being vaccinated, according to reports. The report says that the hospital began denying organ transplants to the unvaccinated in June 2021.”

Denied A Transplant For Refusing A “Vaccine” That Could Kill Him

The extremely disturbing report comes from Seattle’s 770 KTTH host Jason Rantz who revealed that “UW Medicine removed a 64-year-old patient from the transplant waitlist. He says he was on the list for two and a half years. The hospital made the decision after they learned the patient refused to be vaccinated against COVID. They said they would consider adding him back to the waitlist should he satisfy their “compliance concerns.”

The hospital has reportedly been denying transplants to patients who refuse the mRNA treatment since at least June 2021. However, hospital officials have refused to answer questions regarding the policy or even admit that such a policy exists.

Rantz told his audience, that last week one patient came forward who was told that he had to be vaccinated in order to receive a necessary liver transplant, the hospital hasn’t denied it.

Then he wrote about Sam,“In June, Sam Allen of Monroe learned that his heart transplant surgery was on the line over his refusal to get the COVID vaccine.

The list of medical conditions Allen says he’s facing is long: mitral valve regurgitation, tricuspid valve regurgitation, aortic valve regurgitation, aneurism of thoracic aorta, and dilated cardiomyopathy.

He says three leaky heart valves impact the blood pumping into his lungs. Allen says it makes it difficult to breathe, which played a role in why he wouldn’t wear a mask. He previously underwent open-heart surgery, and he says his heart was damaged in the process.”

The disagreement over mask wear was just the beginning of a nightmare for Sam though. His doctor soon called him.

“The cardiologist called me and we had a discussion, and he informed me that, ‘well, you’re going to have to get a vaccination to get a transplant.’ And I said, ‘well that’s news to me. And nobody’s ever told me that before.’ And he says, ‘yeah, that’s our policy,’” Allen told Rantz. Then Allen dropped the bombshell: he told his doctor he wouldn’t be taking the mRNA modifying “vaccine”.

Just a few days after that on June 7th Sam received a letter, like something out of an authoritarian nightmare. The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) had pulled him off the waiting list for a new heart to replace the one his doctors had damaged.

“Your name has been removed from the waitlist at the University of Washington Medical Center. This was done in follow-up to your recent conversation with providers regarding the heart transplant selection committee’s concerns about compliance with COVID-19-related policies and recommendations,” the letter reads. “We can re-assess you for reinstatement on the waiting list should the compliance concerns resolve in the future or, if you wish, refer you to another center for evaluation in the meantime.”

UW Hospital Will Not Address His Medical Objections

Sam wrote back to the UNOS and the UW Medicine and the Cardiac Transplant/Advanced Heart Failure Therapies Selection Committee, KTTH published an excerpt of his letter:

“As a person who has spent much time and money at UWMC as a heart failure patient, I am being told I cannot get care for my condition unless I take an injection that has shown to cause cardiac problems,” he wrote. “It seems that a wise choice would be to not make a panic move and run to get injected with the experimental gene therapy until more is known.”

He saw no replies until August 10th when Bo Secord, assistant director of patient relations, responded that his letter was received and shared with “appropriate leadership”. However, he wrote “As your provider noted, they are happy to re-evaluate should you change your mind,”

The implications that UW Medical refuses to even ADDRESS Sam’s, extremely valid medical concerns are enormously disturbing. As a high-risk cardiac patient, given the incidence of cardio-pulmonary adverse effects according to VAERS, Sam Allen has every reason to be very concerned about taking the mRNA treatment.

But his hospital simply won’t listen. His options are either to comply and take a treatment that might kill him or worsen his condition or live out what time he has left with three leaky heart valves.




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