Biden Taps Ex-Colleague Of Hunter Biden’s Lawyer To Run DOJ…


Imperial Leader Joe Biden isn’t taking any chances with the DOJ investigation into the family pay-for-play scheme set up by his son Hunter. The brand new head of the Criminal Division at the Department of Injustice tasked with investigating Hunter Biden is a “close colleague” of Hunter Biden’s defense lawyer. How cozy.

DOJ appointment keeps it all in the family

Prince Hunter Biden, son of the newly appointed Imperial Leader, recruited a new criminal defense lawyer in the closing weeks of last year. He needed high powered help with the federal government’s criminal investigation into his shady business dealings going on now at the DOJ. Talk about putting the rat in charge of guarding the cheese.

Half of America is anxiously waiting to find out how an admitted alcoholic and crack cocaine addict could get such a high paying job doing nothing for a Ukraine energy company. The other half of America is trying to cover it up. Along with the allegations that Hunter was selling access to then Vice President Joe Biden to Russia and China too.

Hunter’s new defense attorney came up with a brilliant suggestion. Why not appoint one of his buddies to head up the Criminal Division? Daily Wire points out that the very same day Joe Biden assumed control of the White House, he appointed “a close colleague of Hunter Biden’s new lawyer to oversee that Department of Justice’s Criminal Division.”

The DOJ belongs to Biden now so you can kiss any meaningful investigation goodbye.

Tucker Carlson was the first to complain about the dirty dealings in the DOJ but since he appears on Fox News, Democrats insist that his opinion doesn’t count.

Hunter Biden himself admitted last year that “he was under federal criminal investigation over his taxes.” The part he didn’t mention is the part about the probe into his foreign business dealings.

One of his first acts

One of the very first things Joe Biden did after being appointed the official Governor of North Central America on behalf of the Open Societies Foundations was to appoint Nicholas McQuaid to run the all important Criminal Division at the DOJ.

The division is already running the Hunter Biden probe. He turns out to have just a teeny tiny conflict of interest. Not that it matters when Democrats make the rules as they go.

McQuaid turns out to be “a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s new criminal defense attorney, a man called Christopher Clark,” Tucker Carlson reported. The Bidens are keeping it all in the family.

“Hunter Biden apparently hired Clark in December to help him with a federal investigation into his business dealings, the criminal investigation that the DOJ is conducting.”

It turns out that the DOJ detective was close friends with Hunter’s current defense attorney. “Both McQuaid and Clark were law partners together at Latham and Watkins.”

Not only that, “they worked on the same cases right up until McQuaid took the job” at Department of Injustice. Even though “ethics guidelines should bar federal officials from being involved in matters that involve their former employers.” The Biden family can do as they please.


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