Biden Just Broke the News… Media BANNED

WTH Did Joe Biden Just Say?

For only the 19th time in its history, there will be a wedding at the White House this weekend.

This is only the second wedding in the last century.

Yet, no media will be permitted.

Sorry, Private Function

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the announcement this week.

She stated, “Naomi and Peter [Neal] have asked that their wedding be closed to the media and we are respecting their wishes.

“This is their wish and we should be thrilled and happy for them in making this really important step in their lives.”

NBC reporter Kristen Welker shot back, “Looking at all of this video and images that we have of Tricia Nixon’s wedding, Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s wedding, [first daughter Lynda Bird Johnson’s] wedding and the historic record that now exists because the press was let in and able to get a glimpse of it — why not just let the press in for a few minutes to have access?”

Jean-Pierre responded, “I totally understand that. It’s happening at the people’s house. It’s a beautiful moment. It’s a joyous moment.

“It is a family event, it is. And we are going to respect Naomi and Peter’s wishes.

“This is going to be the wedding of the first lady and the president’s first grandchild, and these are their wishes.

“They want it to be private and we’re going to respect their wishes.

“We are going to provide a photo and a statement from the president and the first lady after the wedding. And again, these are their wishes and we’re going to respect that.”

Who knew you could rent the White House out for private catering functions?

It sure must be nice to be a Biden these days.


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