Woke Culture’s Ridiculousness Gaining Momentum, HERE is Their Latest Dumb-ass Move


Something which has been part of the bedrock of American culture since 1937 is suddenly forbidden. California’s liberal woke community just made another totally ridiculous move. Banning Dr. Seuss as racist wasn’t enough, now the progressives are out to cancel Snow White.

Snow White woke the wrong way

Disneyland has been boarded up for months in the wake of the COVID-19 madness. Mere days after throwing open the gates to the magic kingdom, they’re taking heat from the liberal left for breaking Antifa-endorsed “woke” rules.

Snow White made her first appearance on the silver screen in 1937. Nobody ever seemed to mind that a single girl was shacked up with a gang of midgets. Suddenly, liberals are furious. the amusement park ride at Disneyland in Anaheim, California got a makeover during the hiatus and the locals don’t like what they saw one bit.

“That’s illegal! You can’t show it!” progressives scream in protest. If the administration doesn’t fix it quick they’ll have a real hard time getting fire insurance. The famous way that Prince Charming woke Snow White is considered sexual abuse these days. He kissed her.

It’s bad enough the character is named “Snow White” that’s racist all by itself and she shouldn’t even have a ride. They think it should be renovated into a Black Lives Matter experience complete with simulated riots and looting. Of course, that would be an “E” ticket attraction.

Rabidly progressive newspaper The San Francisco Gate “wants the kiss removed from the attraction” at the very least. They go to great length arguing that “the kiss comes while she is unconscious and without her consent.” She hasn’t even tried girls yet, they complain.

They also proclaim that it “cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it’s happening.” Consent requires consciousness so after being woke up with the improper assault, the maiden should have immediately pressed charges and had Prince Charming tossed in the dungeon.

A big shift

Disneyland hasn’t figured out how to respond yet. They are so woke themselves that they went overboard on the cultural sensitivity training.

That got them in hot water too. They can’t seem to please anyone these days.


Just opening back up was a huge accomplishment. It marks a “big shift for the nation’s most populous state from just months ago when COVID-19 cases were surging, hospitals were running out of ICU beds, and hundreds of people died from the virus each day.”

They woke up and realized it’s only the flu and life must go on. After you get your vaccine passport, of course. If you don’t you’ll be locked in isolation until you submit to the will of the Imperial Palace.

California children are trickling back to the classroom and the left-leaning Governor, Gavin Newsom hopes to kick everyone off unemployment and coax them back to work again by June 15.

The woke community isn’t happy about having to start looking for work. They’ll be out protesting over it instead. They’ll burn Los Angeles to the ground before they work for less than $15 an hour.


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