Where are the Feds on This One?


Philadelphia Police are seeking information in an outrageous case of arson the Feds should be investigating as politically-motivated terrorism. On Saturday, July 17th Robert Stewart, Jr. posted extensive video footage and several still images which show an unidentified suspect lighting the American flag displayed upon his parent’s home on fire. The flames quickly spread to the front facade of the home, engulfing it and threatening his brother’s home next door as well. Both of Mr. Stewart’s parents, his brother, and two nieces were all home at the time.

Robert wrote on Facebook,

“Some absolute drain on society that apparently hates the United States decided to light the flag out front of my parents house on fire causing the whole front of their house to catch fire and part of my brothers house next door with my 2 young nieces inside. If my mom hadn’t just gone upstairs and not heard the noise her and my father may have been trapped on the second floor.”

“The front of the house is trashed.”

“Thankfully the Philadelphia Fire Department showed up promptly to extinguish the fire.
If anyone knows this waste of breathable air please contact me.
And thank you to the employee’s of Nick’s Roast Beef, Cottman Ave. Who stopped and banged on my parents door to alert them of the fire.” 

The damage to the Stewarts’ home was formidable. But not nearly as impressive as the family’s commitment to their patriotism and honoring their veterans.

Bob Stewart told CBS Philly reporters,

“All my wife’s brothers were military, so it’s important to her. Thirty-five, forty years we’ve been flying the flag. I have one out back too. As soon as they got done boarding it up to secure the house, I had another one in there so I just put it up there figuring:

They’re not going to deter me from flying the flag so…”

An Epidemic of Anti-American Attacks Is Spreading

Where Are The Feds?

In the last six months, we’ve seen a significant uptick in Anti-American attacks, specifically flag and home burnings, like a very similar case in Tempe, AZ in June, a truck with a Confederate flag on it was set on fire in Watertown, NY, a business’ American flag was burned in Larned, Kansas June 25th. In March a Trump flag was set on fire in Homer, Ohio burning a home’s fence and lighting the nearby woods on fire.  In Sacramento, CA since June 8th Police are investigating a string of arsons specifically targeting American flags. At least four homes have had their flags set on fire so far, so that’s a serial arsonist!

Where is the FBI? The Feds? Where are the Federal Agents? ATF? Homeland Security? Hello?

Or are they all still wrapped up hunting down their supposed “insurrectionists” who scared some Congressmen, busted some windows and doors, knocked over some office furniture, and fought with the Police? Apparently a political witch-hunt matters more than protecting the homes of American citizens.


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