What the Heck?! Did Google Earth Just Expose 60ft Wide Extraterrestrial Craft


Did Google Earth capture an image of a 60 foot-wide-extraterrestrial craft? This is one of those things which probably have a perfectly rational explanation but it isn’t all that clear that it isn’t just what it appears to be.

Someone with access to a computer and way too much time on their hands found one of those surprising images that the software is infamous for. This time it isn’t someone topless, or a mysterious pentagram, or a phantom island.

Liberals even fact checking Google Earth images

The fact checkers came unglued on the guy who posted a video disclosing a certain controversial Google Earth image. He had to go back the next day and defend himself from their onslaught.

All he did was show an image, describe what, in his own humble opinion, he saw on that image, without drawing excessive conclusions. He then invites everyone to look for themselves. Liberal fact checkers didn’t like that because the image looks a whole lot like a flying saucer.

Anyone can go to Google Search and paste in 66 16 24.0 S 100 59 03.3 E, which will take you to results including a map of the location. Navigating to the map and clicking on satellite view will take you straight to the spot. If you download the free Google Earth software, you can get even more detailed information but virtually the same images.

Fact checkers blame the messenger when everyone else draws the conclusion that the images look a lot like a half buried flying saucer exposed by melting polar ice. Anyone who ever saw the John Carpenter classic, “The Thing,” does a double-take. It’s not a lake, no matter what the fact checkers say.

Everyone except the fact checkers know this happens all the time. Aliens are falling out of the skies like flies. Government knows all about it. Chariots of the Gods, man. They practically own South America. They taught the Incas everything they knew.

All that global warming melted the polar caps enough to uncover whatever the heck it is that the image shows. Fans of the thing urge caution before whatever is in it wipes out planet Earth. We can’t even handle Covid, we don’t stand a chance against shape shifting aliens.

A 60-foot-wide disc

One of MrMBB333’s YouTube viewers mailed in an image along with the Earth coordinates. He used it to create a video “showing the strange, seemingly perfect circular shape, which is partially obscured by rocks.”

He states, “this appears to be a 60-foot-wide disc sticking out of the ground apparently being recently revealed by the melting snow and ice. There is the object, it looks like it was intelligently designed.” An awful lot of people agree with that assessment.

To help his viewers make sense of what they are seeing, he alters the colors of the image in various ways. By doing so, an apparent “elevated circle” can be discerned on the top of the structure. There is no doubt that whatever the object is, it’s geometric regularity is striking.

The fact checkers declared the object to be a lake, but Google Earth provides features including the elevation above sea level for each and every pixel on the image. The object is at least one foot higher than the surrounding land, therefore cannot possibly be water.

You can bet, no matter what the fact checkers are saying, that a quiet team of photo analysts are looking through serious magnifying lenses at images taken by cameras a whole lot better than the ones Google Earth uses.

Images initially taken in every wavelength in the spectrum from D.C. to daylight will be analyzed by the best every government on the planet has to offer. If they show what they appear to show, there will be a quiet race between quiet teams of experts to quietly make their way to Antarctica. When they get there, they better be prepared for anything.


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