We now Know China was DEEPLY involved in 2020 election and the FRAUD that Ensued

China election fraud dominion hack

Democrats rigged the 2020 presidential election. There is no way in hell sleepy Joe Biden received more than 81 million votes. Now there’s evidence coming out that China was involved in 2020 election fraud.

President Trump vs Communist China

China owned a French Company that designed devices that were used in the Dominion voting machines. These devices allowed for cellular access to the voting machines and were purchased in many swing states with tax payer dollars.

As part of the study, researchers at Interos explored sub-tier supply chains’ roles in the election technology infrastructure by mapping the supply chain behind an electronic voting station. Interos identified and sourced data using its graph database to pull information from a combination of highly reliable data sources, including import and export records, SEC filings and company websites.

Discoveries from the mapping include: 20% of the machine’s components came from China-based companies. The components include control boards, AI processors, infrastructure software and touchscreens. 56% of suppliers within the first three tiers had at least one location in China. 14% of suppliers within the first three tiers had at least one location in Russia.

Dominion Voting Systems hacked in 2020 election

Researchers also determined that tabulation machines in Georgia were sending data to China during the 2020 election. The founder of Overstock.com, Patrick Byrne, claims that China hacked into the swing states’ vote counting operations and accessed a Dominion mobile device in the 2020 US election. Byrne says that a Chinese company closely connected to China’s military was involved.

From that company through some various leaps it got to an appliance that was in the room and leaped onto a Dominion mobile device with a wireless card in it and the entire thing is documented. China was involved in the 2020 election but for some reason the US Justice system, mainstream media, courts, politicians and Intel agencies don’t seem to give a damn. The agenda is clear. They want Trump out.


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