War-Mongers and Swamp Rats Work Tirelessly to Undo Trump’s Military Plans


After 19 long years in Afghanistan, President Trump plans to draw down the military troops and wrap things up. Deep State Democrat swamp rats actually conspired with Republican Bush era war-mongers of the Halliburton ilk to undo the progress. Democrats cry all the time about ending the “endless war,” until someone like President Donald Trump actually tries to do it. That’s when you learn just how powerful the global arms dealers are.

Trump’s plans threaten the global elite

President Trump’s plans to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan to the bare bone have the global elite scrambling to toss a monkey wrench into the works. They actually resorted to working with Republicans. These aren’t just any Republicans, these ones in particular are experts on the inner workings of the global arms trade. House Democrats on the Armed Services Committee teamed up with congresswoman Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney, and her crowd. They want to make sure the endless war wages profitably on.

On Thursday, the committee “voted overwhelmingly in favor of an amendment.” This modification to the spending bill was “jointly sponsored” by Democratic Congressman Jason Crow of Colorado and Republican Congresswoman Cheney of Wyoming. They tie the ability to spend money to conditions. Trump can’t drop “the number of U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan below 8,000,” as he plans, “without a series of conditions first being met.”

The conditions amount to a series of flaming hoops to be jumped through on command. For the plans of reducing troop numbers to proceed, “the Defense Department must be able to certify, among other things, that leaving Afghanistan ‘will not increase the risk for the expansion of existing or formation of new terrorist safe havens inside Afghanistan’ and ‘will not compromise or otherwise negatively affect the ongoing United States counter terrorism mission against the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and associated forces,'” according to The Intercept.

Mostly Democrats behind the move

The amendment proposed by Crow and Cheney passed by a 45-11 margin. The full NDAA went through the committee unanimously. Trump has long been insisting that “the Pentagon present plans for withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan prior to the end of 2020.” When word around the campfire got out that, “the Trump administration is close to finalizing a decision to withdraw more than 4,000 troops from Afghanistan by the fall,” globalists went spastic.

The plans would let the troop level drop to 4,500 which would be “the lowest number since the very earliest days of the war in Afghanistan, which began in 2001.” Where’s the profit in that? President Trump actually had the nerve to sign a peace deal with the Taliban. You can’t sell bullets without a war.

It didn’t take long for the rats to come up out of the swamp and start squealing at the network news outlets. As soon as the president’s plans were released, “anonymous intelligence officials leaked a series of claims to the New York Times.” That’s why they started the smear campaign centered around the nonexistent “bounties” that were “allegedly being paid by Russia to Taliban fighters to kill U.S. troops.”


Russians everywhere

Whatever Democrats are smoking these days, it has them seeing Russians everywhere. They still haven’t gotten the memo that the whole Russia-Trump collusion thing has been debunked. President Trump can’t go through with his plans to reduce the troops because “it would be capitulating to Russian treachery.”

Funny how the New York Times link happened to be the one that Liz Cheney and RINO Mac Thornberry “cited in a joint statement on Monday to suggest troop withdrawal would be precipitous.” They’re terrified “about Russian activity in Afghanistan, including reports that they have targeted U.S. forces.”

The same goes for Germany. The NDAA as approved also “imposed restrictions” on Trump’s plans to pull troops out of Germany. They will never notice 9,500 less soldiers when 25,000 are left behind in a country currently at peace. That doesn’t stop the minions of George Soros from banning “the administration from lowering troop levels below current levels until 180 days after Pentagon leaders present a plan to Congress and certify it will not harm U.S. or allied interests.”


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