Trump Was RIGHT All Along… Emails LEAKED

Donald Trump Drops Bombshell Announcement

Once again, someone in the media has shown just how bad the bias against Donald Trump really is.

The Daily Caller got its hands on an email that was sent to Trump’s MAGA PAC after a fundraising letter was sent out.

The response came from a local CBS affiliate, and it is not good.

The Bias is Real

The email that went out was touting Trump, stating, “Trump Can Rescue, Restore the American Dream.”

A staffer at the KRCG CBS 13 in Missouri, which is owned by Sinclair and is a CBS affiliate, decided to respond.

The response from the station read, “Stop sending us these pathetic emails.

“Stop it. We don’t want to hear from your criminal, traitorous, idiot candidate.

“Besides, he needs to get busy getting ready for prison. Prepare for a long stay!!”

Which led to Taylor Budowich, the Head of MAGA Inc., stating the obvious.

Budowich stated, “Trust in America’s media is at an all-time low, not because of Republicans or President Trump, but because they’ve exposed themselves as partisan activists who defy facts and truth to push their radical world view.

“As we see with this email, it’s not just CNN and the big networks who are hostile towards President Trump, but the plague of liberal bias has infected even the smallest of local networks. Only one phrase comes to mind: enemy of the people.”

The affiliate station manager has since announced that an investigation is underway and the employee that sent the email will be disciplined.


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