Transit Attacker Chews Man’s Ear Off


Portland, Oregon, is a rough place to ride public transit. A toddler was pushed head first off the platform for no apparent reason. On Tuesday, January 2, Koryn Daniel Kraemer attacked a senior citizen, biting the victim’s ear off and chewing part of his face to the bone.

Portland Transit terror

The wild and wonderful liberal paradise called Portland, Oregon was the scene of another gruesome attack on the TriMet transit system. This time, it was the Cleveland Station MAX platform off Northeast 8th Street in Gresham. The prior incident happened at the Gateway station.

Koryn Daniel Kraemer, age 25, has been charged with a mere second-degree assault. That’s a serious insult to the 78-year-old victim, on top of the critical injury.

Police “responded shortly after 2 a.m. Tuesday” to a 911 call reporting an attack with “a lot of blood.” They caught Kraemer in the act and had to pull him off the helpless Portland senior.

At the time, he was “gnawing on the side of [his] face.” One witness notes the victim’s face was “half chewed off.” He didn’t listen when cops ordered him to stop. They took him into custody and Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office is still trying to find a way to avoid prosecuting him.

This poor, unfortunate “suspect” was admittedly high on “fentanyl pills, alcohol, and marijuana.” Kraemer became convinced that the man he attacked was “a robot” because of “how he smelled.

Portland can’t put him in jail over that, he obviously just needs a little counseling and probably better shelter and more income, too.

Ear bitten off

According to court documents, the unnamed victim was rushed to the ER because “his entire right ear had been bitten off in the attack, and the skin on the right side of his face had been ‘chewed down‘ to the point where his skull was visible.” Just another day on Portland Transit.

Kraemer didn’t stand on his right to remain silent and babbled freely to the police. He didn’t simply have a case of the munchies, the guy smelled like a robot. “Kraemer further stated that he spit out the flesh of the victim that he had consumed.

After cops pulled him off, he thanked them for “saving his life by separating him from the robot.” The DA isn’t even bothering to ask for bail. That would make more trouble in the headlines and he’s already getting enough heat on that issue. Instead, they’ll just quietly slip him into the mental health system and he’ll be back on the streets of Portland in no time.

The transit company is trying hard to downplay their responsibility for passenger safety. “What happens in the community will at times happen on or near the transit system. As we work to provide safety system-wide, across our 533 square-mile service district stretching across three counties, we also look to our partners for help addressing larger safety and community issues.” Their “partners” being the defunded and demoralized police.

Kraemer also noted that he’s new to the Portland area, having recently drifted up there from Georgia after hearing all the tales of bountiful benefits for homeless anarchists there. He asked police to call him “El Baker.” The Transit Authority had to say something but weren’t happy to be issuing another apology statement so soon after the last one.

TriMet values the safety of our employees and riders above all. It’s upsetting to learn that someone was hurt by another person at the Cleveland Ave MAX Station early this morning. The MAX Blue Line was not in service at the time, and it’s unclear if the people involved were using the transit system at the time of the incident.” Aha! the plot thickens. That’s where Portland stashes their homeless for shelter! “We are not commenting on this case, as it is in the very early stages of the investigation. Gresham Police is the lead and may have additional information.


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