They’re Stockpiling These Drugs…But WHY?


The Department of Health and Human Services put in an order for $300 million worth of radiation sickness pills but insist they aren’t doing it because of Russian threats. They want you to believe it’s just a coincidence because they had the order already in the works. Some say that proves they knew it was coming. Perhaps Biden’s handlers in Brussels planned on provoking it? Joe seems to be poking China’s Pooh Bear with a stick too. Its starting to look like the European banking families want to start nuclear Armageddon just to get some use out of their ultra-fancy bomb shelters.

HHS has radiation pills

DailyMail is asking if a massive stockpile of radiation sickness pills indicates that U.S. health honchos know something they don’t.

They also point out right up top that “officials insist it has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin’s nuke threats.” They saw this coming long before Vlad did. That neatly sidesteps answering whether they knew something.

Vlad isn’t beating around the bush. He warned the world if he loses this little war in Ukraine, he’s taking the planet with him. His doomsday sub is currently on the move and none of the experts have any idea how to find it.

Meanwhile, what they do know is that his nuke teams are moving toward Ukraine for what the experts are nervously calling a nuclear “test.” Someone over at HHS saw this in their crystal ball and ordered a whole bunch of radiation sickness meds to be delivered just in the nick of time.

Officials say this is “part of ongoing work” and “has not been accelerated‘ by the “Kremlin leader’s escalating rhetoric.” Their plan to fill the shelves with romiplostim pills is running right on schedule.

Sold under the brand name Nplate, it is used to reduce bleeding caused by acute radiation syndrome.” There is one little detail that HHS isn’t mentioning though.

Switch to Nplate

DailyMail dug a little deeper into the radiation pill story and noticed the timing is still suspicious because “this is the first time the US Government has bought Nplate.” They aren’t sure how many doses we got but it generally sells for somewhere between $1,000 and $2,500 per dose. Someone is making a nice little profit.

American citizens are worth it, Joe Biden declares. He’ll print up another batch of money. After all, the brewing nuclear Armageddon will vaporize his pesky inflation problem along with everything else.

If you’re lucky enough to survive the initial blast and shock wave without any buildings falling on you, there’s a good chance that soon you’ll have a headache, start puking, and crap all over the place from radiation sickness. That’s when you’ll start to wish you had one of those pricey pills in your pocket.

Instead, it will be sitting in a warehouse somewhere, which may or may not still be standing, and may or may not be staffed. If it’s there and it’s open, the guys with the guns will make you stand in line while they pass out the pills. Oh you were a MAGA Trump supporter? No pill for you. Next!

At least the company selling the radiation sickness pills is an American one. Nplate is made by California pharmaceutical company Amgen. HHS swears up and down that this “is part of our ongoing work for preparedness and radiological security. It has not been accelerated by the situation in Ukraine.

That’s what’s known as a half-truth. Uncle Sam also has a medicine chest full of Leukine, another drug which treats ARS. Obama was buying as much as he could get his hands on back in 2013.


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