Speculation Over Tourist Death Cause Intensifies


Speculation over what killed Americans at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort is spiking out of control because officials aren’t saying anything conclusive. The rest of the tourists are worrying whether the food is even safe to eat now. Tomorrow they’ll be blaming Russia.

Speculation swirls over cause

Officials don’t have much to say, and what they do say only fuels more speculation and rumors. It’s bad enough that three, almost four, tourists died in what was supposed to be a vacation paradise.

The really scary part is that nearly a week after the tragic incident, nobody knows what caused it. They have a few ideas and none of them are reassuring to other guests.

The latest speculation is that food poisoning might have had something to do with it. The only problem with that theory is that the victims ate at different places.

The air conditioning system remains a suspect but new information has been added to suggest that perhaps pesticides played a role. Maybe visiting Russians painted the doorknob with Novichok? Who knows?

One thing that investigators have determined is that the luxury resort nestled in the Bahamas had “fallen into a state of disrepair.” The reviews have been brutal lately.

Other than speculation as to cause, we know Michael Phillips and his wife Robbie both perished. Vincent Chiarella also passed away and his wife Donnis is recovering at a Florida hospital after nearly becoming the fourth victim.


Neighboring villas

The only solid connection between the victims uncovered, so far, is that they were lodged in neighboring villas. Speculation as to the cause of death focused previously on the air conditioning unit.

Soon, heaters and the use of pesticides came into question. Now, Police Commissioner Paul Rolle informs, “they are turning their focus to the hotel’s cuisine to try and rule out food poisoning as another potential cause.

All four of the vacationing Americans had been examined the evening before they perished by clinics near the resort. “They were all treated at different times.” A big hole in the food poisoning theory is that “they ate at different places.

In other words, nothing but speculation. “We’re checking all of that, which we will hopefully be able to determine whether or not it was some food or something else that caused it.

A toxicology report is in the works but not expected back from Philadelphia until next week. Meanwhile, on social media, the speculation runs rampant as everyone dissects the TripAdviser ratings with freshly sharpened knives. Several travelers noted “seeing bugs in their rooms.” The resort is now in full panic mode.

Nothing is more important to Sandals Resorts than the safety of our guests. It is with deep sadness that we can confirm the passing of three guests at Sandals Emerald Bay on May 6, 2022. A health emergency was initially reported and following our protocols we immediately alerted emergency medical professionals and relevant local authorities.” Stay tuned for more details.


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