Soros Puppet Lands in the Spotlight


One of the infamous Soros sock puppet prosecutors, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, has “essentially abandoned” her duty to prosecute those her office “charges with crimes.”

Her prosecutors can’t even seem to make it to the courthouse for murder hearings. Circuit Judge Jason Sengheiser had no choice and was forced to release accused killer Brandon Campbell, who instantly vanished like a puff of smoke.

Soros funded failure

Kim Gardner became the first Black circuit attorney for St. Louis with a whole lot of help from “political action committees funded by” George Soros. It’s no surprise that in the wake of the defund the police Antifa® anarchy and Black Lives Matter™ insurrection she would abandon her post.

Why send prosecutors to court when the rule of law went out the window with the Constitution. The day Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. took the throne, the “United States of America” ceased to exist. We’re now considered the North Central district of America to the open borders New World Order. Recently, her office has “essentially abandoned its duty to prosecute those it charges with crimes.”

Judge Sengheiser was so furious on Friday, July 16, that he appeared ready to smack someone upside the head with his gavel because he was forced to turn a suspected killer loose on the public. He had no choice “after Gardner’s prosecutors failed to appear for multiple hearings on the case.”

Court records show that Brandon Campbell is accused in the shooting death of Randy Moore on April 9, 2020. When St. Louis police told the press that “murder suspect Campbell is now free,” Gardner’s office lied. The Soros funded staff claimed they “re-filed the charges and that he is in custody.” They may have re-filed but he’s NOT in custody.

As soon as someone called them out on the discrepancy, “Gardner’s office issued a revised statement at about 7 p.m. Tuesday confirming Campbell remains at large.” The George Soros fan club also claims they “kept Moore’s family informed about the case.”

By Wednesday morning, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department “issued a news release asking for the public’s help in finding Campbell.” Nobody is sure why they’re looking so hard when obviously nothing will ever be done.

Heard it on the news

The members of Randy Moore’s family heard that and went ballistic. They never “heard anything about the case from anyone other than homicide detectives.” That’s exactly what Soros and his minions bought and paid for. Now that he’s completed his evil scheme, he crawled away to die, leaving the rest of the work to the Rothschilds, who allegedly started it.

The victim’s sisters say “Gardner’s inaction on their brother’s case is inexcusable.” They heard the suspect was free on the news, “even though state statute requires prosecutors to keep victims’ families informed of the developments in their loved ones’ cases.”

U.S. Marshall’s Service agents had to track the killer down once, arresting him in Texas. They hauled him back and the minions of George Soros turned him loose. The suspect’s public defender had “asked Gardner’s office for the evidence against Campbell on multiple occasions” and the requests were ignored.

At one point, “a different assistant prosecutor was assigned to the case even though she had already begun her maternity leave and was not expected to respond to anything for about three months.” The judge was livid over that one too. “In the Court’s view, someone from the Circuit Attorney’s Office must be assigned while she is on leave to deal with issues like the ones present here,” the judge wrote. “Otherwise, she is not really on leave.”

On May 27, “no one from the prosecutor’s office showed up for a hearing.” On June 4 he gave the Soros puppet another chance, ordering an appearance at a June 15 hearing. “Again, no one from the prosecutor’s office appeared.” He gave them more time. “The judge then upheld the defense’s motion asking prosecutors to produce all of the evidence in the case, but prosecutors failed to abide by the order.”

Laws? We don’t need no steenking laws. There was more paperwork and threats back and forth but they did no good. The judge asked a deputy to deliver a copy of the order setting a hearing July 12 directly to Gardner’s office. “Campbell’s attorneys showed up at the hearing. Gardner’s office did not.” The suspect walked away, never to be seen again. He’ll never go to Texas anymore.


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