Senate Scrambles to Defeat Constitutional Safeguard


The Senate is scrambling to quietly erase an important election safeguard provision before anyone else dares to use it. One thing you won’t be hearing in the televised insurrection hearing circus is that former President Donald Trump really did have a legal leg to stand on, when he encouraged Mike Pence to treat his duties on January 6 as actual constitutional obligations, not a mere formality. Our founding fathers fought hard over each and every word of the final document. The clause would not have been written into our Constitution unless it had serious meaning. The New World Order is terrified of it.

Senate discussed changes

While all of America is supposed to be distracted by televised partisan hearings, a group of “moderate” RINO Republicans sat down with their “centrist” DINO Democrat counterparts in the Senate on Wednesday, June 8, to kick around changes to the law “which governs the way Congress counts and certifies votes from the Electoral College after each presidential election.

Voodoo dolls with the likeness of Susan Collins have been selling like hotcakes. She’s one of the rogue republicans who are throwing the Constitution in the burning barrel. “We had an excellent meeting last night,” she announced. One where “we resolved almost all of the issues.” Lady Liberty feels like she was defiled in a bipartisan gang rape and wants to file charges.

According to the Democrat in disguise from Maine, “the group has already drafted language that would make clear that the vice president’s role is ministerial in the process of counting Electoral College votes.” He’s only there for show, they insist.

They hope they can push it through the Senate before anyone figures out how evilly wrong they really are. Once that’s done, the House will rubber stamp it. That will be the same thing as rigging a circuit breaker so the switch can’t flip. The results will be just what you would expect from that, disaster.

The new language they cooked up between them “also raises the threshold for triggering a challenge to a state’s slate from one member in each chamber to 20% of the members in each body.” Raise the already flaming hoop a little higher, they insist.

Then, to make flipping the breaker even more difficult, there “would be a majority vote for sustaining an objection.” Kiss the constitutional safeguard goodbye, they say in the Senate. Nobody really understands how that’s supposed to work anyway so we really don’t need it, they want you to believe.


All drafted and agreed to

Just like that leaked “draft” decision overturning Roe v. Wade because it conflicts with what the Constitution says, this latest outrage is “all drafted and agreed to” in the Senate, Collins bragged. They still have some sticking points but nothing which can’t be hammered out, she gloats.

There are some other issues that are more complicated that we made a lot of progress on last night.” As part of the diabolical bargain they agreed “to allow federal grants that are used under the Help America Vote Act to be used to help security for poll workers and election officials.

Senator Joe Manchin finally found a proposal he can agree with. He’s all set to vote yes. “It was a very productive meeting and I feel very confident we’ll do something good.” The proposal on the table would “reform” the Electoral Count Act of 1887. Just like that whole pesky Constitution thing, it’s dusty and outdated.

Nobody knows how to actually read anymore, so, to the Senate, it “does not provide clear guidance about the role that Congress plays in certifying election results.” Donald Trump can’t read either, but he hires the guys who can. And do. They told him that he was perfectly within the spirit and the letter of the Constitution with his plan to put the 2020 vote under a congressional microscope, using provisions of the act.

Their entire case boils down to the law being old and confusing. They don’t try to attack it on the merits of why it is there in the first place. Because those merits are as important as the circuit breakers in your home wiring.

Manchin notes that the Senate group believes the Electoral Count Act is “widely seen to be impenetrably complex and poorly conceived, especially in its definition of the congressional role in the final tally of electoral votes for President and Vice President.” We all know the horrors of “common core” education. New bridges don’t stand up thanks to common core engineering. You’re about to see the results of common core legislation. America is doomed.


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