Senate Scrambles to Close Trump’s Legal Loophole


The loophole in election laws which former President Donald Trump tried to exploit on January 6, 2021, is firmly grounded in 1887 law. That’s why the Senate is scrambling to rewrite it now, before someone else tries to use it. Basically, if they were electricians they would be trying to wire a circuit to bypass a crucial breaker.

Re-write the legal loophole

It’s easy to tell that our powers that be are scared of this legal “loophole.” It’s a really obscure provision, which nobody fully understands. Even so, it was created as an important safety precaution in the election process.

Trump tried to use it as intended. He wasn’t able to get Mike Pence as convinced as he was but the Vice-President at least considered using it, until the barbarians invaded on “Q” and the whole attempt went down in the flames of history.

Bills which get sponsored in the Senate are generally more important than the nonsense that the lower chamber comes up with in the House. Currently, Democrats have more than enough majority with the low-life lawmakers to breeze through all of their whims but the Senate is supposedly an even split.

Democrats decided to get the hard part over with first and close the loophole before the public finds out what they’re up to. The Deep State managed to round up some RINO support before they ever started the process.

According to alleged Republican Senator Susan Collins, the loophole will be sewn up soon. “This turned out to be a more complex task than we anticipated, as always is the case when you’re delving into an 1887 law that has ambiguous and outdated language, but I do anticipate that our group will introduce the bills this week,” she assured the press Monday night, July 18.

They weren’t expecting all the questions they’ve been getting about it. Even so, “early indications are that it has a good chance of passing the Senate.” Passing the Senate is the only hoop to jump though. After that it’s a procession of rubber stamps.


Electoral Count Act

Just because it’s old and dusty doesn’t mean that the Electoral Count Act isn’t important. Sometime this week the Senators are expected to announce they drove a stake through it’s heart and it will never haunt Democrats again. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin “would have written it differently, but I know the reality of the 50/50 Senate.” If he’s on board, you can be sure all the rest of the Democrats are.

The big question on everyone’s mind is whether or not they can get 10 RINOs to brave their constituents by voting in favor along with the Democrats, to close the Trump favored loophole. They can only do that if nobody at home knows what they’re doing. That’s why they’re keeping a lid on the whole story.

Mitch McConnell is one of the ones who’s future is at stake. He’s gone ahead and “given the bipartisan negotiators a long leash — a sign the legislation is likely to garner the support of leaders in both parties.” He must have gotten something really big in exchange for his soul in a back-room deal.

Democrats can count on folks like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney without even asking. That still leaves them seven votes shy of squeezing the loophole into oblivion. Another disconcerting factor are DINO defectors Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. They could cancel out Romney and Cheney leaving Democrats left trying to find 9 Republican traitors.

One little known and never used loophole in the law allows the Vice-President to intervene at the last moment with a sort of “sniff test.” If he thinks something smells fishy he can kick the whole issue to Congress for a deep dive under the microscope. That’s all Donald Trump and his advisers were attempting to do.

Pence was on the fence that morning. He had been told by the experts he had the power to do something which had never been done. Nobody will ever know if he had the balls to go through with it, because before he could be put to the test, Capitol security was easily breached by barbarians. Some say they were expected and the whole thing was a setup but you’ll never see that program on TV.


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