Rose McGowan Roasts BLM


On Sunday, actress and feminist Rose McGowan, infamous for blowing the Harvey Weinstein whistle, had some choice words for White people who back the BLM movement. They’re racist. She wants them to be “human first.” To save humanity, recall Gavin Newsom and elect Larry Elder, she urges.

Rose McGowan bashes BLM

Rose McGowan isn’t the only one calling Black Lives Matter “racist.” The clock is ticking down on California’s recall election starring Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

He’s almost but not quite a nephew of Nancy Pelosi, so she treats him like one of the family anyway. Speaking of All in the Family, racism isn’t nearly as widespread and prevalent as the network media makes it out to be.

McGowan was there to back Larry Elder, the favored Republican to unseat Newsom. Elder, who just happens to be Black, relates, “the first time Gallup asked about racism, about whether or not you’d vote for a Black president was 1958,” Elder recalls.

“And the percentage who said yes was in the high 30s. Now, only 3% said they would not vote for a Black president.” America is not systemically racist no matter how many times liberals spread the lie.

Compared to Gavin Newsom, Elder is “the better candidate and the better man.” She’s furious with “the media and White critics disagreeing with his message as a Black man simply because he disagrees with the Black Lives Matter movement.” Elder is more than a little critical of the Critical Race Theory nonsense.

“They want to hear that the more we micro-label each other, the better we’ll be,” McGowan roared. “The reality is, today, I challenge this state, I challenge these voters, I challenge the media, to back up. Be human first, vote for humanity.”

And Newsom’s wife too

McGowan has been on the forefront of the pound me too movement since exposing the casting couch antics of Harvey Weinstein. As of Sunday, she’s “no longer a Democrat.”

Getting raped by Weinstein in 1997 at the Sundance Film Festival wasn’t the worst of her indignities. Six months before her tell-all New York Times story hit the streets in 2017, Newsom’s wife tried to cover it up.

McGowan tells a tale of Jennifer Siebel Newsom “attempting to persuade her not to go public with her allegations against Harvey Weinstein.” She had no idea who was on the other end of the phone.

“So this woman, I don’t know, some blonde lady name with the last name of the Newsom, cold-calls me, and was like, David Boies wants to know what it would take to make you happy.”

The translation of that is how much money will it take to make you go away and keep quiet. “Boies is an attorney who represented Weinstein.” It didn’t work then but she made an enemy for life and her husband did too. McGowan is fed up with fake liberal social justice White guilt.

She relates how uncomfortable one “Nigerian friend” had on seeing all the Black Lives Matter support signs in “mostly White” Portland, Maine. There were so many it was over the top. Obvious overcompensation for White guilt brought on by liberal media shaming. “Not good” the Nigerian declared. The best way to end racism is to ignore the differences, not magnify them.


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