Promoting American Freedom Pays Off


Loyal followers of patriot Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman were treated to a really fun and enjoyable day of promoting American Freedom recently. Grey Wolf led his supporters on a tour of the Pony Express National Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri. Friendly and informative staff went above and beyond to host Grey Wolf Walk. They practically gave Ron’s crew run of the place.

Freedom and fun in St. Joseph

Everyone at the St. Joseph version of the Pony Express Museum “chain” welcomed Grey Wolf Walk for Freedom on Wednesday, October 12, with professional and warmly welcome style, which was truly appreciated.

Every employee from the facility director on down, deserves a big gold star. Their enthusiasm for their work adds an extra special dimension to the historic exhibits, which bring history to life.


The version which Ron Coleman and his freedom fighting viewers visited in Gothenberg, Nebraska, was just as friendly. That was a much smaller facility with limited space.

This time, staff rolled out the red carpet to thoughtfully provide a nicely equipped conference room with it’s own separate exterior door. That allowed visitors for the meet and greet to bypass the museum.


Despite the beautifully sunny 61 degree weather, turnout in support of patriotic freedom was disappointingly light. The town didn’t seem to have a lot of hustle and bustle to start with, coupled with the fact that folks are just getting to know about the walk, it’s efforts, and connection to the Pony Express. Those who are aware totally enjoyed the experience.

The Pony Express museum is only part of the Patee Town Historic District. St. Joseph clearly has a lot to offer visiting tourists. On the way to the museum, Ron, Gypsy, Jen and Mr. T stopped off at the historic Jesse James house. They also walked past a faded mural at the old stage stop which would be truly impressive if restored.


Inside the museum

The skill with which the original Pony Express stables and bunkhouse were expanded is amazing. It’s nearly impossible to tell which parts of the building are historic and which are additions.

All that extra space allows for a series of conference room spaces like the one provided to Grey Wolf Walk For Freedom. Nobody was there to see the conference rooms and the exhibits quickly caught the attention of viewers in the chatroom.


From displays of Buffalo Bill Cody memorabilia to the saddles used by Pony Express riders, everything was displayed in such a way as to be thoroughly enjoyable, while maintaining the flavor of the pony express experience in every tiny detail.

For instance, a series of photos and mementos are displayed in cubbyholes reminiscent of horse stalls. Freedom on the frontier was virtually unlimited and the mail carrying riders were often the first agents of the law as well.


Carrying the mail from coast-to-coast was a dangerous proposition in the early days of our expanding nation. An original Help Wanted poster which was flown into space is on display. It advertised for “Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over eighteen. Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred. Wages $25 per week.” That’s how Buffalo Bill got to be such a good shot and indestructible old frontiersman.

Freedom loving patriot Ron Coleman might not be facing the same hazards as Buffalo Bill along his way to Washington, carrying a sack of letters for Congress, but he’s coming under heavy fire from the upset natives. Particularly the ones around Hannibal, Missouri. But that’s another story.


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