Police Discover Model’s Dead Body Stuffed Inside Refrigerator


The Los Angeles community has been struck with a disturbing tragedy after police discovered a model dead body “wedged inside a refrigerator” with her wrists and ankles bound. On September 12, police were called to the apartment building of Maleesa Mooney after her family requested a wellness check.

Per Fox 11 Los Angeles: an autopsy report revealed that she had been severely beaten prior to her death.

An autopsy report released by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner revealed that Maleesa Mooney had suffered from blunt force traumatic injuries which ultimately led to her death. The examiner noted that these injuries “are generally not considered acutely life threatening on their own” but because of how she was discovered, it is believed that she was involved in physical altercation before her death.

Additionally, an unidentified man was spotted using Mooney’s key and carrying plastic bags into Moonney’s apartment on September 6th which was the last day Mooney was seen alive.

No arrests have been made regarding Mooney’s murder and neither has the Los Angeles Homicide Unit released any names of potential suspects yet. This case is still under investigation as there are many unanswered questions about what really happened inside Moonney’s apartment during those fatal days leading up to her passing.

The death of 32-year-old Nichole Coats, another model who died less than three miles away from Mooney’s downtown L.A apartment two days before has now been ruled an accident due to cocaine and ethanol toxicity according to the Medical Examiner however, it is unclear if there is any correlation between Coats’ death and Mooney’s tragic demise.

Her sister Jourdin Pauline shared with Fox 11 News how disheartening it has been not knowing what truly happened to her beloved sibling due to lack of information from police sources regarding details about this tragedy thus far. But thankfully with this new information being released through the autopsy report it provides some closure for those who knew and loved Maleesa Mooney most deeply while also opening up more questions regarding what led up to this senseless tragedy.


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