Nickelodeon Shilling Propaganda to Our Children, LOOK What They Just Did


This is the absolute state of our culture in 2021: Nickelodeon, the television mainstay of eighties and nineties kids, has gone woke in a despicable way. Mark the date, most of our childhoods died on April 23rd when the network we grew up knowing as ‘Nick’, aired this atrocity of indoctrinating propaganda aimed at American’s youth.

The seven minute segment released to Twitter was only a teaser for a full 1-Hour ‘special’, just brimming with racist, left-wing, enviro-fascist propaganda featuring “Rob Gronkowski, Liza Koshy, Skai Jackson, and more celebs as they share impactful ways they are more eco-conscious in their daily lives.” The video also paints fraudulent climate activist Greta Thunberg in an extremely positive light.

No. We’re serious here it is. All of it is insanely left leaning, and most of it is BRUTALLY inaccurate.

How Is It Innaccurate? Glad You asked.

In the ‘Nick News‘ segment (the fact that they call it ‘news’ is pretty criminal) there are multiple bold-faced lies and mischaracterizations, some of which are so flagrantly obvious it left us wondering: Doesn’t anybody check this stuff?

Comments on the Twitter video were disabled. but that didn’t stop users from retweeting with comments. And thank God for that, the retweets will restore your faith in humanity.

  1. In their interview regarding Duplin, North Carolina the young lady they interview states, β€œWhat The Hogs Do Is They Use The Bathroom And It’s Mixed In With A Certain Water. It Is Sprayed In All Of The Fields In Order To Grow Crops For Food. Um It Gets Into Our Pipelines To Where Our Water Turns A Different Color.” It Can Be Anywhere From A Rusty Brown To Uh Pink Going To School You Would Be Very Self-Conscious Because Of The Smell Whenever You Walk Down The Road And The Wind Is Up High You Can Feel It It’s Like A Shower On Your Skin And It’s Full Of Feces.”
    1. One user destroyed this claim: [email protected] tweeted, Umm, Duplin County, NC, is 70+% white & is far from the poorest NC county. Also, the lagoons in the video are used to elim feces by breaking down the waste into a liquid nutrient base spray fertilizer. Is it really a wonder @Nickelodeon eliminated commenting on this tweet?”
  2. In the self-same interview, the young interviewee states,β€œIt Is Environmental Racism. Their Companies Put Their Hog Farms In Areas That Are Mainly Poor Areas With Black People And Hispanic People So I Would Say People Of Color People Are Afraid To Speak Up Because This They Don’t Want To Bite The Hand That Feeds Them.”
    1. Twitter user @RhyanJill covered this one quite nicely, tweeting “If you’re an immigrant from an impoverished nation or just a poor dude, you’re more likely to gravitate towards areas with lower standard and cost of living, but is closer to the dirty yet good paying industries. It’s not because white men are racist. It’s economics. Idiots.”
      1. (The obvious exception to this is when a new Agricultural operation is built in an existing area [See: Hickman’s Farms, Tonopah & Arlington, AZ below])

Nickelodeon’s truly vacuous and vapid “news” team also demonstrated their mind-rending ignorance of how rural America and modern agriculture work when they reacted with amazement and horror at the following: “There Are 2 Million Hogs In That County With Just Under 60,000 Residents.”

Nickelodeon is forwarding the claim that these farms are built in areas with mainly “black and brown residents” who won’t fight their disregard for the environment. There are a few problems with this that someone who lives outside of Malibu (or anyone who can google demographics) can pick out.

  • Twitter user @CRTRecycle was kind enough to give us a demographic breakdown “Demographics of Duplin Country, NC: 58.67% White 28.94% Black 0.23% Native 0.15% Asian 0.07% Pacific Islander 10.87% Other Source Environmental Racism? Against who? #EnvironmentalRacism = #RedHerring” (They provided Wikipedia, we gave a better source)
  • A couple of common examples of how normal the ratio of livestock to people is and how characterization of Duplin County, NC’s hog farms are not even close to environmentally racist:
    • Tonopah, AZ– Population: 51 Population of Chickens: 3 million. Demographics: White (Non-Hispanic) (100%)
    • Arlington, AZ– Population: 131, Population of Chickens: 13 million. Demographics: White (Non-Hispanic) (57.3%), White (Hispanic) (32.1%), Other (Hispanic) (8.4%), American Indian & Alaska Native (Hispanic) (2.29%), and Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (0%).

The ‘Nick News’ “report” also presents the two-dozen lawsuits filed by local residents, many of whom are Black as prima facie evidence of “environmental racism”. Spare us, please.

Hickman’s Farms which owns facilities in Tonopah and Arlington has been subject to lawsuit after lawsuit for the smell, ammonia and particulates their industrial farms spew. This is not a racial issue, its’ a legal and regulatory issue. NOT EVERY ISSUE IS A RACIAL ISSUE. Agricultural companies like any other company will work within regulatory laws to the extent that they are enforced.

Check out the Tonopah, AZ story below:

Why, Nickelodeon? Why?

Nickelodeon was made famous in the early 90’s for sliming actors at their studios located at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida. The network even saw a bit of a renaissance among adult audiences as their first batch of target audience hit their thirties in the last five years or so. Nostalgia-fueled comebacks have abounded.

They were known for great cartoons like ‘Doug’, ‘Rugrats’, ‘Ah! Real Monsters’ and ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ and cutting edge but still clean comedies like ‘Salute Your Shorts’ and ‘All That!’, even fun game shows like ‘Nickelodon Guts’, ‘Double-Dare’ and ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’. They also offered some fantastic coming of age dramas like ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ and the kid-friendly suspense and horror of ‘Are you afraid of the Dark?’. All seems washed away now in the Woke tide, as we reach the nadir of American post-millennial culture.



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