New York Sheriff Breaks Silence…Blows the Lid on Corrupt Democrat Plot to ‘Go After’ Law-Abiding Citizens [Watch]


A sheriff in New York state isn’t about to stay silent about the latest corrupt Democrat plot. He blew his top when his so called superiors want different laws for different groups. Constitutional minded law enforcement officers aren’t about to go after and lock down ordinary citizens for sketchy reasons.

Sheriff blows his top

Americans from coast-to-coast have been complaining about the lockdowns but now law enforcement officers are speaking up as well. Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino is “fed up” with liberal politicians that have ordered police to stand down to rioters.

The “hypocrisy” became unbearable when the progressives demanded enforcement of coronavirus restrictions.

“Some of these same governors and politicians across this country have spent the last six months telling you police are bad, police have to reform, police get up in the morning and want to shoot people.”

Nothing could be further than the truth the Sheriff explains. His bosses and others in Democrat cities across America are making things worse instead of better.

According to Sheriff Giardino, “They’ve reinforced that narrative. They’ve stood down.” Mayors and Governors “had police departments stand down in their cities, allowed protesters and rioters to take over police precincts and damage and vandalize buildings.”

Now, they want to add insult to injury. Liberal politicians are after law abiding citizens.

An upside down world

Democrat officials “want to go after citizens who want to go about their life, who aren’t rioting and looting and damaging things.”

The sheriff isn’t happy about the topsy-turvy upside down world of liberal nonsense that prevails today. He believes the citizens are too. “I think people are fed up with their hypocrisy.”

Americans are praising Sheriff Giardino for his “bravery in standing up to tyrannical politicians.” Earlier in November he announced he would refuse to enforce mandatory lockdowns.

That made him the first in New York to declare mutiny, but he won’t be the last. Already, “three other sheriffs in New York State have come forward to say that they will not enforce Governor Cuomo’s Thanksgiving limits.”

After the Governor made it official, so did the Fulton County Sheriff. “With regard to the Thanksgiving Executive Order, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office will NOT be enforcing it against our County residents.”

He’s not even sure it’s legal. “Frankly, I am not sure it could sustain a Constitutional challenge in Court for several reasons including your house is your castle.”

Not only is he a Sheriff, Giardino has a law degree. “I couldn’t in good faith attempt to defend it in court, so I won’t.”

His colleague Michael Zurlo over in Saratoga County added, “I can’t see how devoting our resources to counting cars in citizens’ driveways or investigating how much turkey and dressing they’ve purchased is for the public good.”


  1. Democrats have developed anarchy with the financial help from Soros and other one world billionaires. Remove the money cut off the head of the monsters

  2. The allowing, if not encouraging, of rioting, looting, pillaging, arson, assaulting, and even murder for supposed political reasons by the socialist Democrat Establishment is intentional. It’s an effort to panic the populace into forgetting Benjamin Franklin’s adage that those who’d trade essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    Add now to this the excessive and unwarranted government interference in our lives over the Chinese induced Wuhan virus to control us, we’re seeing the rise of a tyrannical government at the local and state level. And remember, this virus was no accident. But it was and is a crisis the tyrants will not let go to waste.

    With the Biden/Harris presidency we’ll likely see the end of a democratic (VERY small d) Republic with an exegetically interpreted Constitution and a true free market capitalist economy. They’ll introduce a Fabian Socialist welfare nanny authoritarian one-party state.

    Welcome to 1984’s Brave New World where we live in the Animal Farm.

  3. You People (Media and public servants) need to stop regurgitating what you’re told and read actual scientific studies. Not one says masks social distancing or the lock downs work or have worked.

  4. Why aren’t the law enforcement people enforcing LAW? Lawless orders should have those issuing such orders behind prison bars awaiting trial. And if any judge releases them because state law counters the United States Constitution, then the judge should be removed and tried for treason by violating the Supreme Law of the Land (Article VI, Clause 2).

  5. “Democrat officials “want to go after citizens who want to go about their life, who aren’t rioting and looting and damaging things.”

    Cops are in complete control of how this will turn out. They have a hard decision to make: are they going to honor their “masters'” orders, or are they going to honor their oaths?

    When the defenders finally get physical, the cops’ decision will have determined whether they end up fighting side by side with the American people, or in their crosshairs. Once that sleeping tiger awakens, it will be too late to jump sides.

  6. Sheirffs are ELECTED in most sttes, thus are accountable directly to their residents. They are NOT accountable to mayors, governonrs, etc. at law. This sheriff is correct… he could NOT make a constitutional case to defend this sick form of “policing”

    I joined long time good friends in another state last week. We were in a private home fifteen miles or so outside a major infamous city, but in a different county. A Captain of the county sheriff’s department lives next door to my friend’s home. We had a BIG traditional feast planed, lots of family and firnes. I’ve been with them the last few years, crowds numbering on the high side of fifty are the norm. My friend chatted wiht his neighbour/sheriff. THAT Department have adoped a policy: if people DO call complaining aobut “violations” of the ten person/one household whichever is less rules (my friend is out of compaince in either case), they will simly inform the compainer that “this is not a law enforcement issue, so we cannot respond. We recommend contacting the State division of public health and safety it is THEIR concern. We can’t do anything”. Typical state office, normal daytime hours, closed evening,s weekends, and HOLIDAYS. Call all you want, no one will answr. FUrhter, we all know those dwweebs cannot enter private property without a warrnant, the getting of which would require the actual witness to appear before a judge and sttest to the alledged violations. Thus “outed” for the record, WHO would persist?
    We enjoyed a wonderful time together, the fifty or so of us, lasting late into the evening… no cop cars came calling. The neighbour’s cruiser remained parked in his drive….. peace reigned. And will.


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