Mayorkas Has ‘a Plan’ Just Won’t Tell Anyone What It Is


Alleged Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, claimed on Tuesday that he is “actively preparing” for the May 23 invasion. Oh, he has a plan, he insists. He simply won’t tell anyone what it might be. Americans are bracing for the worst.

Executing his plan

Even Democrats have started questioning the wisdom of the impending invasion next month. The word going around the beltway is that the administration hasn’t got a clue what to do with 18,000 illegal aliens expected to arrive every day, much less a plan on where to put them.

Without giving a single detail, Mayorkas assures the panicked public that he has it all under control. He doesn’t want to tip off Russia so he’s not talking.

Mayorkas seems to be afraid that if he says too much, Russian tanks will come rolling across the border. His lame excuse to cover his lack of leadership isn’t holding water. Instead, it underscores how unprepared Biden’s handlers really are. “I think we have to be very mindful of the fact that we are addressing enemies.

Putin’s tanks may not be lining up in Mexico but the “cartels and the smugglers” are. He doesn’t want to let them know where we’re going to put everyone or how we plan to feed, clothe and house them. “I will not provide our plans to them. We are going to proceed with our execution, carefully, methodically, in anticipating different scenarios.

His excuse sounds like an excuse. Americans of all political hues of the spectrum wonder what “scenarios” he has in mind. They want to know where all the illegals are going to get dumped. Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, has a plan.

He already hired a convoy of 900 buses to voluntarily transport any asylum seeker who’s willing to take the ride to Washington, D.C. and see the seat of their new nation, first-hand. Texas thoughtfully provides snacks for the ride. Abbott isn’t afraid of the cartel knowing his ideas.

There goes Title 42

Under Donald Trump’s administration, border officials relied on a public health regulation called “Title 42” to provide reason for turning away illegal aliens sneaking across the border. Biden doesn’t want them to have to be sneaky. They can just line up and come right on in. Here’s a brand new smart phone, give us a jingle when you get settled. That’s as much of a plan as they need, they just don’t want the voting public to know that yet.

Democrats are starting to question the news they hear on TV. “Many Democrats on Capitol Hill fear rescinding the rule in May is not enough time for the administration to establish an adequate plan to handle the uptick in migrant crossings that’s expected to come with it.” Uptick is a horribly misleading understatement. It will be a full blown invasion and everybody knows it.

In the past month alone, “Customs and Border Protection had 221,303 encounters at the US-Mexico border.” An encounter used to mean arrest and deportation. Now it means “process and release.” They “encountered” more “than 1 million people this fiscal year, which began on October 1.

These people aren’t terrorists or killers, the federal authorities insist, simply migrants flowing gracefully “throughout the hemisphere, fleeing deteriorating conditions.” Alleged Secretary of State Antony “Blinky” Blinken took a little vacation in Panama to see what he can come up with a plan to make things safer for illegals crossing the dangerous “Darien region.

Blinky is there to discuss ways of easing the dangers at the bottleneck “where migrants journey through a treacherous stretch of jungle between Colombia and Panama known as the Darien Gap as they make their way to the US-Mexico border.” Once they make it to Mexico, the journey becomes much easier. It’s no wonder Mayorkas doesn’t want anyone to know what the plan really is.

He’s not afraid of enemies abroad, he’s afraid of conservative enemies here at home. Mayorkas admits that he has such a great relationship with the president of Panama, that he promised to see what he can do to get some “additional resources” from the US.”  Things like “funding, training and technology” to get the migrants through safely. He doesn’t seem to care at all about the “deteriorating conditions” here at home. Where do we flee?


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