Liz Cheney Challenger just raised Massive Amounts of Money in his Bid to Unseat the Trump Hater


Dump-trucks full of money are backing up to the campaign headquarters of conservative state Senator Anthony Bouchard. The RINOs must go if the Republican party expects to survive and Trump trashing Liz Cheney is at the top of the purge list. Her GOP challenger is getting lots of support to help him oust the traitor.

Money to run off the RINO

Wyoming state Senator Anthony Bouchard doesn’t seem to be having any trouble at all collecting the money he needs to run RINO Democrat in disguise Liz Cheney right out of the Republican party. It’s been clear for a long, long time that she should be registered Democrat because she certainly acts like one.

She already lost her honorary position within the GOP leadership and is about to be thrown out of the House. That’s what happens in a state full of deplorables when you vote to impeach Once and Future President Donald Trump.

The money pouring in to unseat her just passed a major milestone. $500,000 and counting has been flooding in to the Bouchard campaign. “My campaign has topped half a million and we are gunning for the million dollar mark by the end of the year,” he recently announced.

With luck, he could hit it by the end of the summer. He was at “$330,000 by the April 15 reporting deadline and hit $400,000 before early May.”

Ever since he announced his campaign in January the cash has been flowing in “at a steady clip.” Cheney has other opponents in the race but Bouchard “has been the biggest fundraiser among the challengers.”

Even compared to other races where a conservative is seeking to replace a renegade RINO who voted for impeachment, Bouchard is “one of the most successful” rainmakers. “The only one who’s raised more money is former Trump aide Max Miller, who Trump endorsed for his campaign against Representative Anthony Gonzalez” in Ohio.

Cheney still pulling more

Even though Bouchard is opening donation checks as fast as they can process them, his money numbers “pale in comparison to Cheney’s.” The closet Democrat has “raked in $1.54 million from January to March. That was five times the amount she raised during the same time period two years ago.”

She’s probably been getting donations from fronts for the Open Societies Foundations and the Clinton Foundation. The figures show that “high-profile support for or opposition to Trump can help spur donations to a campaign.” It’s one side or the other and time to vote with your wallet.

Cheney has made it crystal clear that she’s upset he wasn’t impeached and doesn’t want to hear his name even uttered. She “does not believe he should play a role in the future of the Republican Party.” None at all.

Lots and lots of evil dark money is backing her up. If the so called “moderates” aren’t thrown out of the GOP so hard they bounce, it will mean the end of both the party and the constitution itself.

For his part, Trump calls Cheney “bad for our Country and bad for herself.” He plans to endorse someone else for her slot but hasn’t yet committed to which opponent he’ll side with.

Cheney gets it. Money isn’t going to be the only deciding factor in this race. She’s solidly positioned herself as “one of the leaders of the anti-Trump movement in the Republican Party.” If she gets her way, it’s party over.


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