LIAR: Sally Yates Doubles Down


Sally Yates unbelievably doubled down on her lies, one-after-another. When Barack Obama’s Deputy Attorney General got up on stage at the Democrat National Convention last month, virtually everything she said was the exact opposite of the truth. Liberals have been told by Saul Alinsky that if they repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

Yates still mad over being fired

Sally Yates is still upset that she got canned from her Deep State post as Acting Attorney General. Before everyone knew exactly how slimy she was, the traitor managed to convince everyone to give her a chance in the Trump administration. It didn’t last long. As she whined at the convention, “I was fired for refusing to defend President Trump’s shameful and unlawful Muslim travel ban.” Good riddance too.

As soon as he took office, President Trump made an executive decision to close the borders to the countries which were supplying the worst terrorists. Democrats didn’t like that idea one bit. When Trump banned “entry to those coming from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia,” Yates screamed bloody murder, calling it discrimination against Muslims. “From the moment President Trump took office, he has used his position to benefit himself rather than our country.”

Keeping terrorists out of America is obviously something which only benefits the president. According to Yates, “He’s trampled the rule of law, trying to weaponize our Justice Department, trying to attack his enemies and protect his friends.”

Hey, wait a minute

Conservative Americans all did a double take and said, “hey, wait a minute,” when they heard that one. Barack Obama’s administration were up to their eyeballs in what everyone is calling “Obamagate.” Yates was in on a conspiracy to “weaponize” the Justice Department against Donald Trump. She helped to wiretap President Donald Trump’s friends.

In her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, she admitted that the Justice Department knew that nobody in Trump’s administration did anything wrong, but they kept looking for evidence anyway. Yates was in on the meeting with Barack Obama and Joe Biden where they decided to frame Michal Flynn and trap him into lying. Obama’s “plumbers” were ordered to frame Flynn but do it “by the book” so they dusted off the Logan Act and used it for entrapment. The FBI had already decided that it Michael Flynn mentioned it was a nice day in his interview with them, that they would charge him for lying about it.

The RNC summed it up best when they tweeted, “Yates was part of the Obama-Biden team that spied on Pres. Trump & covered it up. Now she is speaking at the DNC Convention & applauded by Dems.”


  1. Is it Sally or Silly Yates, what a horror (whore) show by the pale face by a woman representing you and me, Sitting Bull and The Mezcaleros would have used her as a Piñata to practice their arrows and lances until she would have crapped and peed in her dirty panties.


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